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aidan's birthday party!!

Heh..the first 4 presents that Aidan unwrapped were the following :- Spiderman/Superheroes Set, Transformer toy, Transformer toy & Transformer toy. We're letting him open 2 pressies per day since his actual birthday is on the 23rd. Amazingly, none of transformers were the same although there are still tons of unopened pressies and I'm sure there's gonna to be even more transformers *headache* The boy's been so excited over his new toy collection. I think he has received enough toys to last him till he turns 21. those who came to celebrate Aidan's birthday with him last Sunday, thanks for coming and your wonderful gifts! It was a wet and cold Sunday morning and I'm sure most of you would rather sleep in that day (well, I did :P). Aidan had a swell time! He's been looking forward to that day ever since we told him about 'his party' and the spiderman cake that we'd gotten for him.

I know it got quite chaotic for a while especially at the children play area..which resembled & sounded like a war zone. Thankfully, some of the parents purposely sat near that area and kept a close watch on the kids.. which probably explained why there weren't any major mishaps :P

Pics as usual :)

I know some of the guests came just to see the birthday cake :P
So here is ol' Spidey sitting in a rather provocative manner..

that's Spidey after we'd neutered and decapitated him..
When Aidan saw the cake in this state, he exclaimed "Oh oh..Spiderman broken already"..
and was sad for abt 2 seconds..and then he hopped away to play.

The birthday boy..getting ready to cut his cake..

someone asked him to kiss spidy so he did..

You can view all the photos from the party here
Thanks to issyleusRichard for the pics :)

Some had asked me why I was willing to spluge on a kid's birthday party when I can easily spend much less and hold it at my place's function room and my boy wouldn't know any better and probably still have as much fun. Well, both hubby and I wanted to have it in a place where adults can also enjoy themselves and have a good meal with beer yet knowing that their kids would also have a space of their own to play at! We thought that Paulaner Brahaus was a great place to hold a gathering like truth, it was also a party for us too, and why not, especially since it's the festive period!
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