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winter in singapore :)

One of Aidan's wishes was to see 'snow'!

Last week, when we were staying at Sentosa, we rode the cable car to the island after having dinner at Vivo City. I decided to take the longer route so that the boy could spend more time up in the air. The boy was excited and he was fascinated by the cable cars which had been decorated with festive lights shaped in different designs (Christmas trees, stars, candy canes). It was quite lovely actually ..especially the panaromic view of the beautifully lit-up skyline of Singapore. Actually, the last time I'd been on the cable car in Singapore was probably about 20 years ago :P

When the cable car was making its way pass Mount Faber, we saw a big crowd at there and there were 'snow flakes' falling from the sky..! (I only found out later about Jewel Box's winterwonderland promo) . The cable car attendant enquired whether we would like to stop there for a while. I asked Aidan and he shook his head so we decided to skip it. On the way back, the boy was surprising silent.. But when we reached Sentosa and stepped off the cable car,the boy came out from his daze and started clamouring for snow! Arghhhh...! No, I didn't head back and he cried heaps but it was late, and I was tired.

And so on his birthday, we decided to grant him his wish! You know..nothing beats seeing that look of glee on you boy's face as he reached out to touch the 'snow'. He was bobbing happily to the Christmas carols that was playing as snow was swirling about.

Yes, it's only foam..and we all got wet and dirty but the whole family had fun. And one day, we'll be able to let him experience real snow..!

Happy Birthday Aidan ♥
I wish you good health and hope that you'll continue to be such a good natured, loving & affectionate boy!

Last week when hub was out of town, I'd applied for a few days leave and booked us into Rasa Sentosa for 2 nights.

The other half wasn't big on the island and had always turned down my suggestion of spending a few days at Sentosa so I decided to do it when he wasn't around. Aidan loved it there! He got to swim for all 2 out of the 3 days that we were there (well, he only got to dip his feet into the pool for the first day 'coz the rain poured the minute we hit the pool). And I brought him to explore the island and enjoy some of the activities it had to offer..Li' Alison came along on one of the days too and the both of them had a great time! The boy said to me when we were checking out "Thank you mommy for bringing me here! I enjoyed it!". He's really such a sweet boy!

Aidan getting inked..


Aly and Aidan showing off their tattoos!

at the Underwater World. Thankfully, I had Nenita & Emily to help me.
Don't think I would have coped with 2 kids on my own!

Aidan's favourite fish!

Aidan sizing up Aly to see if she's tall enough for the luge

At the luge

Aidan 'saving' Aly ala Baywatch style when she got stuck at the corner of the pool..


All the Sentosa pics here
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