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my new toy!

For Christmas, my other half got me a Nikon D40, my first digital SLR camera!
well, to be precise.. I got it but he paid for it :P

The hub never understood my fascination/obsession with photo-taking but he kinda grew used to it. He knew that I'd always wanted a DSLR but the price & size of one made me think twice. Heh.. I have no qualms dropping a few grand on a bag or watch but will hesitate when it comes to techy stuff whereas hub is the exact opposite. Also, I used to think that a SLR wasn't easy to did look kinda complicated. The D40 changed my mind. It was everything I wanted in a SLR.. lightweight, compact, affordable and really easy to use. It definitely isn't as compact as my trusty Coolpix but it's small enough to chuck into my handbag (yeah, most of my bags are pretty roomy). My colleague who services the Nikon account helped to get a really good price for it..the entire kit, which includes a 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor lens (!!??) and a 1G SD card for $900. Helped saved my hub some moolah :D~

Aidan thus became my guinea pig as I tested the camera on him, taking pics after pics. I thought the photos came out sharper although I have to admit, having a better camera doesn't guarantee fantastic pics (it's not the cam, it's the person behind it :P). What I like most abt using this SLR is that there's hardly any shutterlag so Aidan doesn't have much time to react or even blink ! When I showed the photos to hub, he said that he didn't see much difference in comparison to those I'd taken with my digicam. Bah!

But I'm ♥ing this new cam of mine!

Heh..tons of pics taken with the new cam.. =D~

@mengchooMong's place this evening for a BBQ..


These 2 birds were perched on the ledge of the wall which faced our back patio. When we first moved here, they had built a small nest. But a week later, we realised that the nest was destroyed, most likely by the condo cleaners. I was a li' upset when that happened. The birds disappeared for a while but about 1 month ago, they flew back and have been doing so every evening ever since. Even without a nest, they seem to be sitting comfortably there, enjoying each other's company.

Was never able to take a pic of the birds with my digicam because it always came out so blur! With my new SLR, I was finally able to do so although it looks kinda like a painting eh..
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