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Hubby has been down with the flu for the past 2 days. Now, I have 2 babies to look after !!

Hubby is afraid that he may pass the illness to the baby so he has not been carrying the baby..He says that he actually misses cuddling him. Hope that hubby will recover by tomorrow so that our weekends will not be spent at home. I love the weekends as it's usually either our family day - where Aidan gets to go out with us, or the best time for us two to be alone coz his grandparents always volunteers to look after him so that we can go dating.

And..I'd better make sure I don't fall ill too!! Hmm..no no! I think it's better that Aidan doesn't fall ill or we'll be ultra miserable! I wonder..if I am ill, should I still continue to breastfeed him? Will he catch my illness that way? Must go check the web!! auntyadele, stephiechai, any idea ??

I should have known..stripes will make him look bweer

Pops & baby bonding :)..Aidan's best time of the day heh~

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Mar. 13th, 2003 10:28 pm (UTC)
He looks like a Ciboy in the first pic!! Hehehehe...

I've run out of different ways to say that Aidan is a cute baby, so let's talk about the SATC Aidan instead. Hehehe. That Aidan, also quite fat. Heh.
Mar. 14th, 2003 01:29 am (UTC)
Hah! I was thinking the same thing b4..especially when he frowned! He looked exactly like a ciboy..same shape also :P~

Err..SATC Aidan was fat initially but he came back looking slimmer and better looking(cut his hair)..!!