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floral lesson

At li' Macy's request, Aidan went over to her place to play with her after school yesterday. I rushed over to mengchooMong's place after work and the apartment was strangely quiet when I got there. Was told by Mong that the kids were playing downstairs and our helpers were looking after them. They came back soon after and Aidan gleefully ran to me when he saw me. He had a little sprig of orange flowers in his hand. Nenita told me that he'd plucked it especially for me. The affectionate boy presented it to me saying "I love you mommy!" :) Aww..

Left the flower on the coffee table and kinda forgot about it. Tucked into a great dinner cooked by the lady of the house and we were all havingfruits for desserts. Aidan was done with his mangoes, wiped his mouthwith a tissue and was throwing it into the wastepaper basket when he suddenly stopped in his tracks. Tears began rolling down his cheeks. He picked up the flower which was lying in the dustbin, looked at me accusingly and asked "Why you throw away the flower I give you!". I think one of the helpers had discarded it after tidying the living room.

Oh man, I felt really guilty and crappy when I saw his crestfallen face as he started sobbing. Had to assure him for a while that I had accidentally thrown it away and that I'd meant to keep it. He made sure I kept the flower properly before he dashed off to Macy's room to play.

It was the first time I saw the senstive side of Aidan. Hub also said the same thing when I told him about this incident. The boy hardly gets jealous or huffy. Most kids get upset when their parents start showing affection to some other kid. Mine doesn't. He's always so happy-go-lucky. Which was why I was surprised by his reaction to the flower. I should have been more aware that he's growing up and will definitely be more sensitive to our actions or words. I guess I kinda took Aidan's easy-going and bochap character for granted. I gotta learn to be more in-tuned to his emotions so as to be in a better position to offer support and understanding during times of anger, sadness and frustration and to celebrate together the moments of joy, happiness and laughter. I have to admit..I still got a lot to learn as a parent and our on-the-job training never ends.

Aidan had so much fun at Macy's home especially when he discovered all her Superman toys that she'd received on her birthday! He spent so much time on those toys and ignored her that the girl got really upset and complained to anyone who would listen that the boy was refusing to play with her.

But all was soon forgiven . The girl kept offering Aidan numerous stickers from her collection.
Macy to Aidan "Do you know why I give you so many stickers?"
Aidan "........."
Macy "Because I love you sooooo much!

I wasn't there when that one way conversation took place so I have no idea how Aidan reacted to this declaration. Nenita told me about it and both Mong and I were so tickled by it. Heh..hubb ycommented that we should ask for dowry from them instead.

ARGHH! Accidentally deleted the entire post together with all the comments! So am reposting this again. Itchy fingers lah *sob*
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