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Yeah, I haven't been updating my blog much. My bad. Have been pretty occupied of late..

One of the key branding/promo events which I've handled in the past 2 years has been The New Paper New Face contest. It is considered a relatively high-profile event and I really enjoyed being the project manager for it. Kinda obvious eh from all the blog entries I've posted on the contest. But I did wonder whether my enthusiasm would wane if I was to continue doing it for the next few years. But just a few days ago, we were informed that the English promo team has been reorganised and some job swops were introduced. As of 2 days ago, I was no longer in charge of promo for TNP and would be focusing on ST.


I was totally not expecting this. I really enjoyed working with the bunch of people at TNP..Editorial folks like weeteck and Ian have always been so supportive of our promotions and it really makes a difference especially in the eyes of our clients. Well, I haven't gotten the chance to work with the folks at ST so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. One of my colleague who is with the New Media group on hearing about my new portfolio burst out laughing. "TNP was perfect for you...You are so NOT ST!", she said. Bleah.

My initial reservation was of the workload. Previously, it was 2 to a team thus that my colleague and I were back-ups so when either of us were on leave, we could easily take over each other's projects. Now, it is one promo manager for each publication. ST being the main flagship paper together with it's magazines (Urban,Digital Life & Mind Your Body) is constantly sought after by promo partners whereas in the case of TNP, we had to be more aggressive and try our darndest to bring in more promo for the paper. In my first 'official' day as the 'ST' promo girl, I've already received 3 emails requesting for proposals. But I don't mean to sound like I'm reluctant to take on this new responsibility. In fact, I'm glad and appreciative that my boss thinks I'm capable enough to handle it on my own so I'll definitely do my utmost best.

Kinda sad that I would not be able to see through some of the projects I'd initiated for TNP. And most of all, I would really miss doing New Face!! I guess it had been fun while it lasted. About time that I act my age and become serious and proper *coff*.

Oh yes, someone at work actually commented that I should start dressing my age!! That came about when she queried my age and she refused to accept that I was at least a decade older than her. But honestly, how should a 37 going 38 yr old chabor dress?!!

Here's our Promo & Branding team for both the English & Chinese papers..
My big boss is the one that's partially hidden, right behind speckzzChew Wee!
I'm just gonna post some pics of Aidan and friends just coz it makes me happy :D

he's such a happy kiddo..and so handsome too! :D

Isn't she lovely :)

With mengchooMong,littlepoppetPatsy at li' Emma's birthday celebration

Aidan on the trampoline

My boy with Gabe & Ryan
I think he's thankful that he has friends who appreciate his transformers...
(little girls don't really go for such toys lah :P)
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