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new year, new tan :)

It's not too late to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year, I hope! My first 3 days of CNY were spent visiting relatives and friends and we then scooted off to Sentosa for the next 3 days for some R&R...

I've always enjoyed Chinese New Year! I have a good excuse to buy new clothes for myself and the kiddo, pig out to my heart's content & gamble without feeling guilty. I ♥ the smell of brand new notes too but it was definitely more fun when I was younger 'coz I was on the receiving end then. But strangely, I kinda like the ritual of inserting nice, crisp moolah into the red packets and giving them out even though the novelty feeling I had when i first gave them out 7 years ago as a newly married person is gone. It probably helps that I'm giving out hub's dough and not mine :P

Both hub and I also made the same observation this New Year. Chinese New Year 's the only time we get to see his young cousins. They used to be so cute and sociable when they were younger..but the boys we saw this year were sullen and kept to themselves most of the time. I heard from their mom that they weren't too keen on attending the reunion dinner because they didn't liked being called 'Uncle' (by Aidan and his cousin). It dawned on hub and I that pretty soon too, Aidan will be their age and probably won't be as adorable and happy-go-lucky as he is now! Oh well, I just pray he doesn't turn into a sulky teenager who's always at odds with his parents...

Took many pics so here's some of them!

Morning of 1st day of New Year!

Aidan and his cousin, Chern Ern at my in-law's place for breakfast
(the boy had a change of clothes because he puked in the car *sigh*)

Loh Hei at my place with my side of the family..

The boy making sure the guests have enough to eat :)

At Mong's place on CNY 3rd day!

Sentosa was kinda last minute. Initially, I thought of booking us an overseas holiday but decided against it since I didn't wanna take too many days off from work.

Aidan..all packed to go!

Where we stayed..

Aidan really loved the water! We were so proud when we saw him swam the breadth of the adult pool (abt 18 metres long) without any assistance. Looks like the swimming lessons is paying off :)

Jean, Kenneth & Alison joined us on day 2 at Sentosa!
First stop - 'Rhymes in Bloom' at the Sentosa Flowers 2007 at Impiah Lookout
It was freaking warm and all of us got burnt!


The hubs and the kids on the chairlift!

On the luge!

matching tattoos..hehe

the two of them having so much fun together..

My two boys..Don't they look so alike in this pic :)
All my Sentosa pics here

On Thurs night, we rushed down from Sentosa to China One for a post-wedding party after putting Aidan to bed. It's really such a small world. Hubby's colleague, Cheryl is married to Damien, who happens to be mengchooMong's hub good guypal. Coincidentally, Cheryl's close galpal is moxielassAshley!

With Ashley, Mong and the gorgeous bride, Cheryl...
check out my 'arm-tan' :P

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