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When Aidan says his own bedtime prayer.

"Dear God, thank you for my family, mommy, daddy, ah-gong, ah-ma, auntie Nenita...and [shouting] Macy & Alison! Amen!"

Oh well, at least he's fair. And fickle =D

I don't know how many of you follow Stomp's Star Blog. Yeah, I know they aren't exactly blogging..more like GP where the celebrity bloggers write about a pre-determined topic. Anyway, this week's topic of discussion was of some interest to me."Are our Little Emperors turning into Monsters!" Kinda interesting to read their views..

Actually, hub and I have been wondering whether we've been too lax with Aidan. He ain't exactly a monster but he can be a handful at times. Our biggest problem is getting him to stay still. He's such an active boy and it's so difficult getting him to sit quietly during dinner. We've been cutting down his tv-watching time because he's gets overly excited by the shows and the characters..Now, he only gets to watch tv during the weekends and he's only allowed to switch on the tv after he's asked our permission. Thankfully, he seems fine with our decision. Also, to prevent him from getting too high on sugar, sweets are only eaten durng the weekends too and given as treats ( I have to admit that during CNY, we decided to be more generousl). So far, I think he's still manageable. At least he still fears me [I'm the bad cop] and the naughty chair - (something I'd learnt from Supernanny) and will listen when he sees that I'm really displeased with him. But I don't want to overdo on the discipline part too coz I really want him to have a happy childhood that he'll have fond memories of.

But truly..I still believe that nature plays a big part in how a child will turn out. I'm sure we will know some friends from sheltered/pampered background who are the nicest people around. I have 3 siblings and we all grew up under the same household but we all turned out quite differently. My parents were quite strict when we were young. My dad especially, was very liberal with the cane and his belt. We were constanly reprimanded and punished for any wrong doings and I think after a while, I sorta got immune to all that punishment. And it didn't made me any 'gwai-er' nor stopped me from rebelling and boy, was I a terror during my younger days. I really hope that Aidan has not inherited any of my 'naughty' traits!

More pics of the boy and his pals..

With his fave toy of the moment - a gift from my bro Stephen & his wife Jen.

This skinny li' bugger has a huge appetite! He can eat as much as me..sometimes more!

getting chummy with his constant playmates, Chloe & Renee

auntyadeleAdele,here's the pics I took last Sat!
(and a Happy Birthday to you!)

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