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sunday shoot~

Helped out a pal who needed a boy talent for a video shoot. I'm allowed to blog about it but can't reveal the company and the purpose of the video. Anyway, this is for below-the-line stuff so you guy probably won't get to see it at all.

Initially, she'd asked our entire family to do the shoot. Hubby, who's mega publicity shy rejected the idea. At first, I said okay but on finding out how lengthy the shoot was, I changed my mind as I knew that I was better off as Aidan's cheerleader 'coz he would need someone to distract him and make him look at the camera. They managed to get replacement parents and I have to say that the 'mom' looked more mumsy than me. I wouldn't have been suitable :P mengchooMong's Macy was roped in too but I think the weather got to her (plus we had to wait quite a bit in between shoots) so she was just part of the morning shoot.

It was quite a tiring day as it started from 10am and lasted till abt 7.15pm with breaks for lunch & dinner. A lot of time was spent waiting for his turn so the PSP came in really useful. Aidan was fine during the 'action' sequences especially when he was in a place that he'd never been to before. However, the 'still' scenes were really tough to complete 'coz it was just so difficult to get him to stand still and smile at the camera. It didn't help that it was a scorching hot afternoon and the heat was rather unbearable. There was one sequence when he simply refused to co-operate and was lamenting that he was tired. After many, many NGs, I thought oh-oh, the boy is super grouchy and probably won't wanna film anymore. And so the crew tried to pacify him by offering him treats. "You want sweets?" "Cold drinks?" "Ice cream?". Each time, the boy shook his head. He looked at us all miserably and finally said "I want potato chips!". The older girl who was acting as his on-screen elder sister happened to be holding a pack of chips (he was probably eyeing it for the longest time) promptly handed it to him and immediately, his chaobin face transformed and he had this mega bright smile and was back to his energetic and cheerful self. Man, if we'd known earlier that all it took was that pack of chips, I would have gotten a few!

There was this other instance, where the crew and I were trying hard to get Aidan to concentrate on the shoot. All he had to do was to sit down on a wooden stool and stare hard at a wax figure.

"Ten seconds!" I told him. "Just keep still for ten seconds!".
"No! One second!", he bargained.
"Three seconds then.." I countered.
"Hmm..then I think I want four seconds!"
"DEAL!" the entire crew chorused!

(as you can see, the boy hasn't exactly mastered the art of negotiation)

And Aidan actually sat there and did his sequence while we all counted along.. "OoooooNnnnnnnnneeeeee... TwwwwOOOoooooooo..ThhhhreeeeeEeeeeeee.. .Fouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur!"
Cut! And everyone applauded with much gusto. Not surprising since that was his final scene!

Honestly, the boy did great! I was afraid that he wouldn't be able to last through the day. He actually managed to stay alert and hyper and only complained really miserably during that one shoot. And I really can't blame him. I was feeling kinda crappy too 'coz I was all sticky and stinko because of the humid weather and by then, i was almost sucked dry by the relentless mozzies. And the production crew was fab too..trying to make him feel as comfy as possible. I think they had enough experience filming kids to know that it wouldn't always be smooth-going.

On the way back, Aidan was leaning on me and sitting rather quietly. "You tired?", I asked. He said no and added that he enjoyed himself today. "Would you want to 'Camera/Action' again if you have the chance?". He smiled and nodded his head :)

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