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Overall, not a bad weekend especially after watching the Chelsea/Newcastle match *phew*. Go Man U!

Had friends over for dinner and the evening entertainment was the Miss Singapore Universe pageant on tv. It was won by the chioest contestant, Jessica Tan - so i guess everyone's pretty happy. She's good looking and carries herself really well garnering high scores from the judges. Her Q&A wasn't the greatest but then again, I'd always felt that the focus should be on their looks. Why bother that much about their intellect when none of our girls ever made it to that final Q&A round at the international pageant. Well, all the best to our new Queen. Now I 'm crossing my fingers that she gets a decent clothes sponsor and a stylist who likes her when she represents us in Mexico (check out her competition here). The top 5 finalists were definitely the best of the 17..and Peggy was one of them. Have to admit that I was rooting for her. Thought that she did great in her final Q&A, asking her boyfriend to win her mom's heart, just as he has won hers.

Heh..I'd actually hoped that the contestant that got the "PM for a day" question would say something daring like lowering our ministers' pay ' :P

Pics from auntyadeleAdele's kiddos -Tasmin & Lauren's birthday party on Saturday.

Lauren turns 2!

And Tasmin is six!

Presenting..miss lj mummies :D..
I didn't charge my camera's battery so it 'died' the minute the birthday cake was brought out *sigh*
All the pics here.
Some of the nicer ones were koped from alisonraeJean
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