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I should have been burnt to a crisp by now! When I was in Malacca last weekend, it was scorching hot. And the weather was just as dandy at Redang with nice blue skies and bright sunshine. I heard it was a different kind of weather in S'pore during the past few days.

Aidan had a whale of a time at Redang 'coz he got to be at the pool or beach every single day, sometimes twice a day! Unfortunately, he was a hit with the mozzies there and was bitten the most. In fact, the only ones that were bitten were the boy & I *sigh*. He probably inherited my sweet blood. Poor Aidan had at least 16 mosquito bites on him and as his skin was somewhat sensitive (and also because he scratched), his hands became swollen! Man, it's not easy telling a kid not to scratch when I couldn't even tahan not doing so myself.

What was great abt Redang were the beautiful power white beaches and pristine blue waters. Maybe I'm suaku but I've never seen such clear sea water before. Guess it's because I'm using S'pore's waters to compare. The resort was so-so though and there were a few hiccups here and there due to communication problems.

5 days of sun, sand & sea is definitely more than enough and I'm glad to be home. Aidan concurred too saying that he prefers our home over Redang because "Home has 3 tvs with Disney channel!"*face palm*

Well, pics as usual!

Aidan & Kaylan, his new bestfriend. He was so happy to have another boy to play with!

enjoying the beach!

My boys making funny faces..

kiddos having fun

Group pic!

another pic of the 2 boys

taken in front of our chalet..

The rest of the pics here

The skies were really kind to us during our TNP SUVival Event. It was pouring when I left my place early in the morning but the rain dwindled to a light drizzle when I got to Raffles Marina. But once we crossed the border, the rain stopped completely and we had great weather throughout the challenge. The skies stayed clear till our outdoor dinner/party was over. The minute the programme ended and everyone began to leave, the clouds started gathering and we could hear the sounds of thunder rumbling away. And soon enough, it started pouring continued to do so throughout the night till the early morning and stopped when we had to try out the off-road challenges at Sepang. Ishak, TNP photog was a happy camper. Rain = mud + SUV = fantastic pics!

I had a good time there. The participants were a real sporty and appreciative lot...even the event organiser, Lionel agreed and we were wondering whether it was due to the type of cars (SUV) they drove. Lionel also confessed that he enjoyed doing our event because there's always bound to be some chiobus unlike the other self-drive events he'd handled which tend to be made up of mainly uncles & aunties. This year, there were more variety of SUVs..we even had one participant driving a Porche Cayenne! And everyone didn't mind their SUVs getting all muddy and dirty!

The rest of the pics here

Aidan has almost recovered but he's still coughing a little. I know we shouldn't have let him swim so much but it was so difficult to stop him from doing so. But he's definitely better (thanks to the comments u'd left in my last entry). I actually caught the flu bug from him so I was sick for a while during the trip. Now it's poor hubby's turn to be under the weather. Aidan's bug sure is strong!
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