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Aidan and Ryan

Hmm..don't they look as if they are holding hands??!

Been meeting with Rachel, the mummy of Ryan pretty regularly. Rachel as I'd mentioned before is a neighbour, who lives just 2 blocks away and her son,Ryan,was borne on X'mas Day last year, 2 days after Aidan. We've been visiting each other's place and as usual, I was taking as many pics as possible of the 2 boys.

Rachel brought Aidan to my place on Wednesday and we tried to take some pics but alas, Aidan was in a sleepy mood so he was basically alsleep when we took the pics.

hee~ they look as if they are dancing (tho Aidan is actually sleeping)

I carried Ryan for a while and wah..he was really much heavier than Aidan..!!!

I went to Rachel's place on Thursday when Aidan was more awake and I was more successful with the picture taking this time round. It was kinda hard to co-ordinate the 2 babies coz whenever one was smiling, the other would be crying/pouting. The top pic was one of the more successful pics.

Aidan looking pensive while Ryan was laughing at his mom..

This time round, Aidan was grinning while Ryan was bawling~

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