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catch-up post!

Last week when I was still feeling under the weather, Jean offered to take Aidan off my hands. She had already planned to bring Aly to Uncle Ringo's funfair at Causeway Point so she suggested Aidan tagging along. My worry was that Aidan would puke in K's car. The boy still has motion sickness and would usually end up doing the merlion when we are in the car for too long. But with Aly in the car, Aidan's ailment seemed to have been cured even though the distance from our place to Woodlands ain't exactly short.

I was glad to have some quiet time to myself that evening but Nenita was so restless, and kept asking me when the boy would be back. Told her not to worry and that he was in good hands..! And as you can see from the pics below from Jean's camera, I was right!

Dropped by the hospital this afternoon to see how li' Zoe was doing. Am relieved that she in a stable condition and she does look fine..although it was quite heartbreaking seeing her sedated and hooked up to the tubes, lying there on the hospital bed. I can't even imagine how Jean and K must have felt. Aly has lost quite a bit of weight too..and the poor girl was so worried about her sister. Do continue to pray for a smooth and speedy recovery for li' Zoe and strength for her family.


Spent last Saturday with mengchooMong and her family at Keppel Club. Hub was flying in from Germany that evening so we didn't have any family activities planned. Thought it was a good idea to just go relax and let the kid enjoy himself..

took some pics just before we left for the club..especially since it was Mother's Day weekend then..

ala MJ
Mong's hub, Ed said Aidan looks v pai-kia in this outfit :P

They had a bowling alley for kids!

Was the boy's first time bowling and he couldn't get enough of it!

Macy & Megan at the alley...

And next come swimming although this pic was taken after we'd dried ourselves..

Mong's mother's day gift to me :D
Aidan walloped half of it at one go!

See how tanned the boy is now..


double click on pics to enlarge

Sharon, the designer of my apartment from Haier Living called me about 2 months back. Said that a magazine wanted to do a feature on 'fengshui-ed' apartments and she asked whether she could showcase our place. I said okay but promptly forgot about the day of the photography and was still at work when the writer and photographer came by. Poor Nenita had to hurriedly clean up the apartment too because blur ol' me did not inform her either. Aidan was apparently quite excited and kept getting in the way of the photographer. He probably thought they were there to shoot him :P

Anyway, the feature appeared on this month's issue of Nest, an independently produced home & decor magazine. It is a new magazine on the market..their first issue was in Feb. The mag has it's own blog too.
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