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Read about these adorable wall decals in Home & Decor mag a while back and ST Life! also recently did a write-up about them! Been wanting to get something like this to decorate Aidan's room. So I headed down to Anthropology at Holland V and came home with one of the designs - treeflower.

The winkies!

Aidan helping me!

trying my darndest to come up with interesting designs..

It was meant to be in Aidan's room but I'm wondering whether the design would look out of place. "So girly!" Nenita exclaimed. It is probably because of the 'flowery' design..but I thought the li' creatures were so cute. Also, I'm hampered by my lack of creativity. Can't seem to put together an interesting pattern. The wall vinyl stickers are actually pretty easy to stick on and Aidan was so eager to help me with it. So in the end, we just did the bird & worm..Oh well, I may end up sticking the rest of treeflower wall decals elsewhere..maybe on my vanity table mirror or study room and get this design for Aidan's room instead.

I love Pandan Valley, especially my spacious,comfy apartment, the accessible location and the convenience of its amenities with the supermarket, kindergarten and enrichment classes within the compound. But it does come with some problems...

Last Sunday, as we were all getting ready to go out, the hyper one bounded out of the front door and headed towards the lift without waiting for us. By the time we got there, the boy was not in sight and the doors to both lifts were closed. Quickly pressed the lift button but after a while, we realised in horror that the lift on the left seemed to be stuck at level 10 (our floor). We knew that the boy was inside because he started to hammer on the lift door, calling out to us. I quickly called the lift service guys and while waiting for them to come, we could hear his sobs and cries of mummy & daddy! About ten minutes later, the serviceman has yet to arrive but the lift somehow started to work and headed towards the first floor. We quickly rushed down via the other lift. When we stepped out of the lift at the lobby, the boy was sitting at the chair sobbing pitifully and when he saw us, he quickly ran over, seeking our comfort.

Later, he told us that there was no lights in the lift and so, he got really frightened. Of course we then reminded him that it was a lesson well learnt and that in future, he shouldn't be rushing into lifts without us. But for a while then, we were really frantic! Actually, I was stuck in that same lift twice before and on one of the occasion, the lights were not working and it was complete darkness..I was scared out of my wits too and kept pressing the emergency button non-stop. Fortunately then, the lift repairman was quite prompt or else I may have developed a phobia to lifts.

Unfortunately, with condos like ours, the lifts are really old with protracted and frequent breakdown problems. Have complained about it to the management but I guess loads of money is needed for a major overhaul..And I think with the issue of enbloc still pending, the committee is unlikely to spend any dough on the upgrade of lifts *sigh*

Been getting tons of calls from property agents too. Last week alone, I had over 10 agents calling my home phone (how on earth did they get my contact - yellow pages?!) ! All wanting to know whether we were keen on selling our place as they apparently had very keen buyers! After turning down the 8th caller, I became curious and asked the 9th & 10th agent how much the buyer was willing to pay. They both quoted me the same amount..between $850 to $900 per square feet. And we'd bought our 1770 sq feet apartment for abt $400 per square feet in July last year! I wasn't surprised since the developments around us that had gone through successful enblocs had all been acquired at slightly higher prices. Oh well, we're quite happy where we are so for now, we'll just stay put here!

Some pics to share..

Thought he looked kinda like Tare Panda here :P

clowning ard..

Playing wii with his daddy..and delighted because he won!

and last but not least, with his mommy..

Here's 2 vids of the kids having a go at the wii..

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