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Aidan with my latest buy - a Miu Miu canvas hobo in blue which was on 40% discount!
Very rugged bag! Goes well with my jeans!

Bags *sigh*, one of my biggest weakness!!

When I received my first paycheck a long, long time ago, I headed straight to the Prada boutique and got myself one of the IT bags of that moment, the black nylon prada backpack with chain-links straps. It was a super duper ah-huay bag which fitted me to a tee coz I was rather lian-ish then too (still am actually! :P). Had to eat grass for the rest of that month but it was well worth it. But I learnt my lesson and waited till I got my bonus before spurging on another expensive bag!

most of my bags are here..I'd kept the lesser used ones in my storeroom

My bag collection isn't very extensive..especially when you compare it with the no. of shoes I have ( but I'm buying lesser shoes now!! ). And there are several ljers on my friends list (eg. squarenails, beverly & j0s1e267) whose wonderful collection of bags I lust after. Thankfully, I'm drawing a pretty decent salary now so that if I choose to indulge on a nice bag once in a while, I wouldn't have to starve myself (unless that bag happens to be a Birkin) but it still doesn't allow for an endless supply of designer luxury bags. I do spend quite a bit on shoes & clothes too so that rules out my desire to have the Miu Miu Coffer in white, black & brown and Balenciagas in all my fave colors!

I admit I was tempted to register here especially after seeing their collection of gorgeous bags under the uber collection. . But when I saw their terms & conditions, I was flabberghasted. The nicer items carries a steeper price tag because one has to also pay a monthly supplement fee (between $99 to $399) on top of the monthly membership fees (and the only membership category worth investing in is fashionista, their premier membership tier which is priced at a whopping $159.95 a month! *kaching*). I guess they are targetting at ladies who goes for variety and may not want to plonk down a huge sum to own one of those bags but don't mind forking out abt one fifth of the bag's retail cost to carry it about for a short while. But I still don't see the point of renting those bags when you can actually own them...

Anyway, what brought about this fluffy superficial post was hub's suggestion of a family holiday to Europe this September! He's supposed to be in Vienna in mid Sept and was thinking that the family could head for Italy and Paris before that. The first thing that came to my mind was.."Oooooooh, can shop for more bags!" I'd better keep my fingers crossed that this trip will materialise especially since our last planned long holiday had to be cancelled due to his work commitments.

As for that precious prada haversack, the gold chains tarnished the moment the bag went out of fashion and I gave it to one of my pals who didn't mind its condition. So, do you remember which was the first luxury bag you'd bought and do you still have it?

Hmmm..actually, us ladies should be paid higher salaries because we have to spend so much on make-up clothes and accessories but men can make do with several shirts, pants and 5 ties!
Pics taken recently

with Zoe at Elliot's birthday party. she's sooo cute!

with flipoverTrish and Jean
(Trish, the birthday cake cutting pics didn't turn out nice so I'm not posting them)

The kiddos with Emily (Jean's helper) & Nenita at Paddyfield.

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