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Guess it is too late to warn you that this is gonna be a photo intensive blog entry since I've nothing much to write :P. Above pic of Aidan was taken at church yesterday. He was waiting for his daddy who was still inside the sanctuary. The boy is still unable to sit through an entire service although he did relatively well and sat on his seat until the sermon was abt 3/4 done and then he kept asking me when he could eat (he's perpetually hungry) and couldn't keep still anymore. There was no Sunday school as the teachers were off to a retreat. He really enjoys attending Sunday School and was querying why there was no class that day. The boy kept asking me questions throughout the service. Eg. "Mommy, what is Amen in Chinese.?" Okay, I was stumped for a while..and I could hear the guy sitting behind me laughing away as I struggled to reply him. Then during the sermon, when the speaker of the day said "Abba father", the boy loudly declared "Ah Pa!" (aka the KFC tvc) Oh man..

Celebrated mom-in-law's birthday yesterday evening at Hanabi,
this jap restaurant at Bukit Timah which has a really good buffet spread!

Mom with her 2 grandsons, Aidan & Chern Ern.

Loads of pics taken last week!
At the SPH Ink Awards last Friday at Raffles Hotel. Met ikepodSam who represented his company Robinsons. They won several awards that night!

Sam, especially for you - Robinson's wall of fame :P

Here's the Grand Prix winner ad by Bates Singapore with their campaign for Gill Divers, a scuba diving centre.
The campaign titled “Bag Fish, Umbrella Fish and Bottle Fish” and it was the creative use of Japanese fish printing technique to illustrate the damage to the marine ecosystem that impressed the judges

Sam, another pic for you!

with colleagues, Grace, Tarisa & Su-Lin.

TNP turned 19 and celebrated it with a big bash at The Boiler Room, St James Power Station! The 20 new face finalists were unveiled at the party too! Thought it was a great way to show them off..last year's girls were complaining why they didn't had that opportunity!

Last year's TNP New Face girls who came for the party and below, this year's finalists!

Ava deliberating on which guy has the most mesmerizing eyes..

Natalie being grilled by Rod on stage..

Natalie & Diana

with Irene Ang & Royston Tan..
Irene is really toned man! If she can do it, so can I *determined*!

with Angelique Nicole Teo (the first TNP New Face girl), Wee Teck and lovely Emeline!
All the pics taken that night here
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