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a photoshoot that never was..

Aidan had a 'failed' photoshoot. It was an opportunity to be shot by an award-winning photographer and I gladly accepted.But the shoot was delayed for about 2 1/2 hours due to the non-arrival of one of the models. As a result, by the time the shoot started, it was around noon time and the afternoon sun was at its full force. The boy wasn't a happy camper by then and he showed it. Was restless & flustered and kept rubbing his eyes. So he was taken out of the shoot.

I have to admit, I was disappointed. And I showed it to Aidan by berating him for not keeping still. The boy could tell that I wasn't happy and kept apologising. It was only after we reached home that I realised that I was behaving like a petulant child.. I should have known better than to blame him for not being able stand still in such heat. And I shouldn't be comparing him with the other kid because different kids have different personalities and tolerance levels. I'm sorry baby :(. People may have the impression that I'm a rather bochap parent who takes it easy most of the time but I'm really just as kiasu as most of the other moms. Must remind myself that he's just a kid and not to give him unnecessary pressure and just let him enjoy his childhood.

Some pics taken at the shoot. These were taken during the waiting period. Took pics of the photoshoot itself but thought it's best not to show it as I would be revealing the concept for the shoot.

with the other models..

the' convent schoolgirl' is Esther..really pretty with very sharp features

Eye candy for this aunty here! Hope Aidan will grow up to be as goodlooking as them *grin*

This li' girl was in baju throughout the shoot and didn't fret at all! (okay stop comparing :P)

At the swimming pool this afternoon, the boy placed his swim board on the floor, struck a pose and said
"Look Mommy, Silver Surfer!!"

Cool eh :)

The pics above were taken with my new digicam, the 8 megapixel Canon Powershot S5IS. My colleague got it for me at a great price and threw in some freebies (in the form of 2GB SD card, camera bag with mini tripod and lens cleaning kit together with a GP battery charger with 4x2300 mAh batteries)! Yes, a departure from my standard choice of Nikon. No.. I'm not abandoning my DSLR but I wanted a digicam with video-taking functions, something my D40 wasn't able to let me do. My preference for cameras seemed to be more towards the bulkier, heavier sort. Slim, compact digicams have never appealed to me. This camera's image quality has a DSLR feel to it imo..very clean and I love the large LCD. The video quality is superb too, although June said it is probably because the lens is really clean for the moment.

Here's a video of Aidan doing some revision before the start of his chinese class at BerriesWorld :)
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