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Hubby is a nature lover. He enjoys long treks, hiking and his dream holiday is to bring me to Nepal. Unfortunately, the kind of walking I go for is at the shopping mall. But I do try my best to indulge him like on Sunday, when I agreed to his idea of checking out TreeTop Walk along Rifle Range Road. Trev's unsuspecting family joined us too.

As usual, the mozzies loved me. Why is my blood so sweeeeet *weep*? Was the only one who got attacked even though I'd drenched myself with mosquito repellent. And the walk was uber tiring! We had 3 kids with us including Aidan although I have to admit, I did the most whining of "Are we there yet?!" We'd brisk walked for abt an hour but there was still no sign of the suspension bridge (even though hub had told us abt half an hour ago with a straight face that it was abt 10 mins walk more). To make matters worse, the signage showing the location of the bridge was knocked down so hub wasn't sure which direction it was supposed to face. So with 15 mins more to go before the closure of the bridge, he agreed to turn back..The kids were swell. They actually covered quite a lot of distance on foot but the walk back was too tiring for them especially since it was mainly uphill so they ended up being hoisted on the daddies' shoulders.

Actually, I kinda enjoyed it but I tried not to be overly enthusiastic (in case he insists we do more of it). It was tiring but the air was nice and fresh. The exercise was good even though I'm aching now. Not sure if Aidan had over-exerted himself though. He woke up this morning feverish and with a runny nose so we kept him at home. Hope he'll get well soon!

Was invited to mengchooMong and Edward's ten years anniversary celebration at the Keppel Club. It was a lovely and touching affair..and so wonderful to see how loving the 2 of them are after ten years of marriage and choosing that special day to renew their vows. I think there were a few sulking husbands that day though (including my own). "Aiyoh, that Edward spoil market!" he grumbled. "I hope you aren't expecting a shindig like this on our tenth anniversary", he whispered to me. "Of coz not!" I replied. "Just give me $10K and I'll be satisfied!" I told him teasingly.

This Oct will mark the 8th year of our marriage actually..Not too long nor too short! :)
Some of the pics taken that day..

A pic before we left the house (when my makeup is still fresh)
Can u tell that I had my hair curled? Am so tempted to perm my hair...

♥ family pic
heh, ♥ this dress...makes my boobs look bigger than usual...
but it makes my ass looks huge too..

with Mong! Congrats dear *muaks*

The loving couple!

Aidan having his meal


Oh, Edward wrote his wife a romantic poem to mark the sweet eh!
No wonder the husbands were sulking!
Hub was telling me that if I wanted poetry, he is able to compose one..
but it will be in hokkien + includes vulgarities *roll eyes*

clowning ard with Trish & Mong :)


with sweet li' Macy
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