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Yeah, this post is a tad late given that Teacher's Day was last week...

We both took leave on Friday so that we could attend the Teacher's Day celebration at Aidan's school. I'd ordered specially customised cupcakes from mengchooMong for Aidan to present to his teachers. When we reached his school, we were greeted by the boy who was apparently waiting anxiously for us to arrive. According to his teacher, he'd proudly told anyone who would listen that his mommy was bringing cupcakes over to school. And on realising that his daddy was there too, he squealed with delight and started introducing us to his friends.. "See! My mommy and daddy!".

Aidan has always been like that. He's ever so proud to show us off! And such an affectionate boy too. Too affectionate at times though...He loves to hug & kiss people especially those he likes a lot! And he has no qualms about telling people how that he likes them too. I remember, there was this incident when he gave jinsiewJin's Gabriel a big hug and whispered to him "I love you!". Everyone was like errrr..just coz Gabe's a boy but it was all so sweet and innocent! I know he likes to play with Gabe the most because the latter shares his love for toys like Transformers and Power Rangers :)

Anyway, loads of pics as usual =)

The cupcakes which Mong made especially for Aidan's teachers..
The boy gave out the hearts cupcakes to his favourite teachers!

with his classmates & teachers :)

Here's 2 videos of his class performance to the teachers that day..

The boy loves to dance..although hub said that AIdan has two left feet. Got meh?

And more cupcakes to be given to his teachers from Berriesworld..

I think this would be the last Hi5 show for Aidan. Was initially not that keen to go changed my mind later. It was Tyler, my nephew's first Hi5 show plus that Alison wanted to go too..And also thanks to burbur who got me the tickets at 15% discount...! And I must say, amongst all the Hi5 show that I'd attended, I enjoyed this the most. I thought the props used in this circus themed show was great!

That's Tyler with his mommy Jen!

Aidan and his younger cousin, Tyler! Any resemblance?
I think they have the same face shape - high forehead and sharp chin!
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