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we're okay :)

Thanks everyone..for your prayers, kind words, concern, smses, emails, flowers, chicken essence, etc! It means a lot to me and I really appreciate it. Initially, I was wondering whether I should write about this matter because it is rather personal, but blogging about this has really helped me work through it. By sharing my feelings, it has given me a means to cope..And some of you have ended up sharing too, about your own experience with pregnancy losses and I don't feel so alone in my pain anymore..

Friends came over during the weekend on the pretext of playing mahjong and getting our kids together but I know their real intention was to keep me company and cheer me (us) up. Thanks u guy :) I'm is YC. You guys are really swell! (and I'm hope you didn't lose mj to me intentionally :P ) We've accepted that it just wasn't meant to be. And you know, it makes us appreciate our li' boy even more..but yeah, we'll try our darndest not to spoil him!

On the day of the discovery (after my visit to the company doctor), my handphone started acting up (switching off by itself)! A colleague (who wasn't aware of my condition) lent me his spare phone upon seeing how frustrated I was. So when I was in the hospital awaiting for my turn with the gynae, I started fiddling with the phone when a quote he has saved in the phone was shown on the screen. It read :

Those who joyfully leave everything in God's hand will eventually see God's hand in everything.
Faith ends where worry begins and worry ends where Faith begins.

A timely message :)
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