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Happy Halloween~

One of the best amenities at Pandan Valley is the super market, Laurels. For a condo mart, it is really well-stocked and carries a wide range of products. The owner of the shop is this old couple and their son helps out with the business. Every year during Halloween, Laurels will actually give out special treats to all children in the estate free of charge! So nice of them eh!

I brought Aidan down to the supermarket at the stipulated time (6.30pm) and to my surprise,there was a long queue outside Laurels already. Met the mom of one of Aidan's classmate and she told me that it is always like that every year. We weren't around at Halloween last year so I wasn't aware. I can still remember last year, the son actually kept a bag of treats for Aidan because he realised that the boy didn't come by to collect it. Thought it was really sweet of them

check out the queue comprising of little ghouls & superheroes + their mummies!

One thing that impressed me was seeing the people coming together to help Laurels with their treats-giving.
Aidan's teachers at Berries were assisting in the giving out of the sweets and ice-cream. The teachers from Aidan's art school contributed a few of the children's specially drawn 'Halloween' art to decorate the place..I thought it was wonderful that everyone was chipping in and the sense of community was so strong!

Aidan with the young master of Laurels (I can't remember his name *arghhh*!)

The boy, who was really pleased with his haul..

3 groups of kids have already came by the apartment "trick or treating"! This never happened at our previous estate in Hougang. I guess it is because there are many expats in Pandan Valley and the kids are used to this tradition. Thankfully, we have heaps of sweets at home so the boy happily assisted me in giving out the sweets to them.

I can still recall when I was studying in Vancouver, my room-mates and I specially went out to buy sweets knowing that the children will come by. But we acted smart and thought that for their 'good', we should get them healthy treats and so we ended up buying those li' boxes of raisins. When we gave the raisins to them, their jolly faces actually turned black and I remember hearing one of them muttering "more trick than treat man!".
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