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Had a rather good break from work and blogging. My mini-holiday started from Deepavali. I'd booked ourselves into Rasa Sentosa for 3 nites and the whole family had a fab time there. Aidan is now very bronzed :) And as I wanted to attend Aidan's school concert on Tuesday, I decided what the heck, why not take leave on Monday as well so that I could have a super long weekend. Now I have to psych myself to get back into work mode!

The concert was held at Singapore Polytechnic and it was more of a graduation ceremony for the K2 kids at Aidan's kindergarten. The K2 kids were all clad in their graduation gown with tiny mortarboards on their heads..all so cute yet so serious and with all their parents looking on with much pride. I cant help but start thinking of next year when it will be Aidan's turn and just how fast my boy is growing up.

Aidan's [$30] costume was this neon green tie-shirt with little sparkles pasted on it and white pants! It looks kinda retro actually and sorta like those getai singers/dancer's costumes. But I have to say he looks darn cute in it albeit slightly girly. When we were at Ghim Moh hawker centre having lunch after the concert, there were a few strangers coming up to him commenting on how 'pretty' he was and asking me about his gender..*sigh*

Hub took a video of the dance with his handphone..He said the music sounds like a communist song..

I think they placed the 2 most active kids up in front :P

I went crazy taking pics again so.....

2 Aidans together!

With Say Kiong (my colleague) and his son, Max.

If you look at his eyes, you can see his upturned bottom eyelashes.
Have scheduled his eye operation for the 23 Nov..

I've always enjoyed Sentosa..and thankfully, even though I was there on a public holiday, it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be..But one thing that really leaves much to be desired..the service! Not just in the hotel..the attitude of the service staff in general really sucks! Bad, bad, bad! I think it is gonna be worse when the IR is ready and the whole island will be packed to the max!

We went for some of the newer attractions like the 4D Magix which was quite good. But you know, in places like Disneyland or Universal Studios, the 'presenter' of the show will always be this chirpy young lady or guy..but at the 4D Magix, they had this erm, oldish Malay man who spoke so monotanously. I think he was the technician guy doubling up as the 'presenter'. And outside the theatre, there were young chaps employed to give out brochures of the attraction and I thought one of them could be better utilised as the 'host'.

Aidan was at the pool everyday and he had a whale of a time..The boy could make friends so easily! Each day, he'll tell me about the new friends he met and how much fun he had. He's really such a sociable li' boy! He was also thrilled when his pals, Gabriel & Ryan came by on Friday too!

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