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Thanks for all your words of concern and smses (and Mong, for your yummy ginseng chicken soup too)!

Was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon. They'd wanted to let me stay one more night for observations but as I'd told them that I was fine and not in any pain anymore, the doctor finally agreed to let me go. But I'm kinda regreting my decision. The pain seemed to be returning but it is still tolerable. My shoulder blade is hurting the most but I understand that the discomfort is caused by the trapping of the carbon dioxide gas under the diaphragm which cause referred pain to the shoulder. The gas was pumped into my abdomen during the laparoscopy to help the doctor better visualise the organs. My tummy now is sooooo bloated like a balloon. I have some pains in my lower abdominal too but they are more bearable. The doctor did mention that the pain should subside within the next few days. Walking about and taking warm showers should help alleviate the pain. Just gotta tahan lah! Anyway, if I'd stayed on in the ward, I would have ended up lying in bed most of the time, requesting for pain injections to relieve my pain. Would rather be at home although having a hyper Aidan (it is the school holidays so he need not go to school) around can be quite challenging. He kept asking why he can't hug me....

I have to say that I was very impressed with the treatment and service I received at KK Hospital. It was about 1am when I'd asked hub to bring me to the doctor and since most of the clinics were closed already, he decided to go to KK instead where they had a women's 24 hr clinic. He definitely made the right choice with them. The clinic wasn't crowded with only 2 patients ahead of us. When queried by the nurse about my symptoms (she needed to take notes to give to the doctor), she realised that my condition was quite bad and could tell that I was in a lot of pain so she immediately informed the doctor to check on me asap. And I was then given a series of tests and scans and upon suspecting that it could be ectopic pregnancy, they wanted me to be admitted to the hospital immediately even though the blood test results were only ready in the morning. Okay, I was quite reluctant to be admitted actually because I was sorta in denial...But the doctors were insistent and YC also thought it was safer that way. At 8am in the morning, I was then informed that the blood test returned with high hCG levels and that the op theatre has been prepared for the laparoscopy already. Everything was chop chop and the doctors and nurses provided detailed explanation for everything that they were planning to do. According to the doctor, the op went very well and they managed to cut away the damaged tube, drain away all the excess blood and clear away the debris left in the womb. He gave me the pictures taken taken during the different stage of the op..Not gonna show it here or else it will gross you guys out! Actually, I'm really fortunate because it could have been worse. My left fallopian tube had actually ruptured and yet the bleeding wasn't massive..There were cases where women actually died due to such complications. So I have to consider myself really blessed!

Several people had asked me to consider the option of suing my gynae for his misdiagnose. To be honest, my first thoughts when I heard abt the ectopic pregnancy was to do exactly that too. The doctor at KK actually said that my gynae shouldn't have precluded the likelihood of an ectopic pregnancy when there was no conclusive proof that the egg was ever in the uterus based on the info I'd given him. In fact, when I'd visited my gynae, my first concern was whether it was an ectopic pregnancy and he'd said with much conviction that it wasn't then.

Oh, I was given a total of 21 days medical leave to recuperate! Fwah, that's a lot of days man! Yes, for all of you who've told me to stay home and rest (playing Texas Hold'em Poker on facebook = resting right?).. I will do so! Have to admit that I was really affected by this..was quite distressed for a while and to be honest, I've never been in so much pain before. Childbirth was such a breeze compared to this.

On Saturday when the abdominal pains started, I actually brought Aidan to watch the Mickey Mouse Magic Show at the Indoor Stadium, together with mengchooMong & Macy. I thought I was behaving quite 'normally' but Mong actually asked me on msn later whether I was fine because she thought I wasn't acting my usual self. I was probably less hyper because I was trying so hard to not let the pain mar my enjoyment of this awesome show..Fortunately, the pain only got worser when I reached home or else Mong and the kids would have freaked out :P

Yeah, am showing happy pictures taken at the show because I need to cheer myself up too! Must have positive thoughts so that I can heal faster!

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