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Jean was commenting while looking at some of my recently uploaded pics at my flickr site that Aidan's looking more grown-up. I was thinking the same thing too and we both kinda agreed that it was probably because of his post-surgery eyes. But I can't exactly pinpoint what exactly about his eyes that is making him look more matured.Not all the stitches have completely dissolved yet. Thankfully, the boy is taking care of his eyes very well. He even got angry with his daddy when YC accidentally kissed his eyes (he was aiming for his cheeks). I don't see him rubbing his eyes anymore..he used to do that very often and it was probably because his in-grown eyelashes were irritating them. I think his eyes have gotten prettier and are more sparkly now! :)


My 3 weeks medical leave turned out to be a blessing in disguise (I've used up 2 weeks already). It is very 'timely' because it is Aidan's school holidays now and I spend most of my 'rest-time' planning activities for him. Yes, I'm okay now! Not hurting anymore. The wounds have healed and my anger has subsided. I even went rollerblading yesterday (doctor said I could exercise but not to over-exert).

Let's see..what have we done so far. Went down Orchard Road to admire the X'mas deco and take pictures. Brought him to several mall shows - Barney at Marina, Noddy at Forum Galleria, Dora at United Square, watched Bee Movie and The Enchanted and the musical, Mr Scrooge (jodecro, Aidan enjoyed the show as much as the Gingerbread Man! Love your performance!!). He's looking forward to Power Rangers at Junction 8 this week. He also tried rollerblading for the first time too! It's really nice to be able to spend so much time with him..feels like being a SAHM but then again, I'll be back to work soon so this is definitely more enjoyable then if I'm really one :P

I've compiled a list for all the shows for easy reference for the other mommies! Was quite a hassle trying to check out all the various timing of the show!

Power Ranger - Live at Junction 8
(Power Ranger Mystic Force)
4-9 Dec (Tue - Sun, Top of the 8, Level 3
Tue - Fri : 1pm & 7pm ; Sat & Sun : 1pm, 4pm & 7pm

Spend a minimum of $30 at Junction 8 to redeem a pass for a photo session with the Rangers.

Dora's Best Friends Day 'Live' Musical Show/Meet & Greet
23 Nov - 9 Dec at United Square
Tue - Fri, 1pm & 7pm/Sat - Sun, 1pm, 4pm & 7pm

Spend $30 to have your photo taken with Dora & Boots after the show

Spongebob Squarepants & Patrick Starfish Meet & Greet
23 Nov - 9 Dec at United Square
Tue - Sun, 2pm & 5pm

Shine This X'mas Looney Tunes Musical Show
Suntec Entertainment Centre Atrium (Outside Carrefour)
Fri 30 Nov - Sun 16 Dec
1pm, 4pm & 7pm (no shows on Monday)

Limited to first 50 shoppers with minimum purchase of $30

Christmas with Barney & Friends
24 Nov - 9 Dec 2007 Central Atrium, Marina Square
Tue - Thu: 2pm & 7pm
Fri - Sun: 2pm, 5pm & 7pm

First fifty children will have the chance to get up close and personal with their favourite dino pals after the show!

Meet Debbi & Mikey (from Precious Thots) at West Mall
14 - 23 Dec, 1pm & 7pm

Spend $50 to redeem a pass to meet Debbi & Mikey for a photo session

Help Noddy Save Christmas
24 Nov to 9 Dec (except Mondays), 1pm & 5pm at Forum Galleria
Meet Noddy & Friends
24 Nov to 9 Dec at Forum Galleria (except Monday) - 3pm

Free although limited passes will be given out 1 hour before the session.

Pokemon Advanced Generation - Meet & Greet Extravaganza
Plaza Singapura, Level 1.
4 - 9 Dec (Tue to Sun), 1pm, 4pm & 7pm

Limited to 30 passes. Spend $30 to redeem a pass.

Care Bears "Live"@Heartland Mall
8 - 16 Dec
Tue - Fri, 7pm
Sat - Sun, 1pm,4pm, 7pm

Limited to first 30 kids per show with min purchase of $30

Something worth visiting again this year is the Christmas is The Jewel Christmas Musical Light Show & ‘Snow’ Show at Mount. Aidan enjoyed it tremendously last year especially when coupled with the cable car ride! Will probably wait till next week when the stitches should have all gone. Won't want to get too much 'snow-soap' in his eyes :D..

Loads of pictures as usual~
With Aly at Suntec where they'd just finished watching a movie

Watching the Dora show at United Square

At Olio Dome with jinsiewJin and her family after church yesterday..

Rollerblading at West Coast Park..

For those living in the West who are keen on having their kids try out rollerblading and do not want to travel all the way to the East, there are rollerblading workshops for kids at West Coast Park at 3pm & 5pm on Sunday (just next to MacDonalds). I'm sure there are other timings can get more details here. The trial class is free and the gears are provided by them! Will most likely be signing up Aidan for a class!
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