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Aidan is 5 today!!

Problem with being in the promo/events line is that when I have my own non-job related event to plan, I'll try to make sure it ends up being as successful and fun as possible. Occupational hazard I guess! Like what hubby said, the parties I'd done for Aidan seemed more for me than him..But it is always worth it when I see the big smile on his face and the boy telling me how much fun he had (although I'm sure if he just had a big room to run around with his good pals, he'd enjoy himself just as much :P)! The compliments from the other guests also makes it all worth it.

I had the entire function room decorated in the High School Musical theme.The party was jammed packed with activities with face-painting & bouncy castle, games for the kids and entertainment in the form of a magician. I think I crammed too much in that 3+ hours that there wasn't even much time for the kids to eat! The hotdog stand was a hit with the adults (even though it was meant for the kids) least the children loved the candy floss! I was supposed to be a cheerleader and hub wore his sportsgear! Couldn't find any nice sportsgear for Aidan so I just dressed him up in the red/white colors to match the decor hehe..Some folks had actually asked me why I don't consider doing party-planning for a living but I think I'll probably go mad if I do. Doing it once a year is enough for me!

Thanks to all who'd came for the party and all the pressies!!! And wishing all a blessed & joyous Christmas and a fabulous 2008!!

Here are many of the pics taken that day (pls bear with me!!)

the invite card :)

with my 'basketballer' hubby who went along with everything I'd suggest

you guys are fab!! you've never missed a single of Aidan's parties since he was born!! *muaks*

3 mommies and a new borne baby - Riley

the kids enjoying the bouncy castle!

arts & crafts for the kids



loads more games~~

the magician in action..

a very animated Aidan :)

Pretty babes :)

Cake time!! Yes, he officially turns 5 today!!!

The boy couldn't wait to taste his own cake.

He said "I wanna eat Gabriella!" Can Mummy eat Troy please?"
Oh man..*face palm*~

Best part of the party - seeing the big smile of his face!!

All the pics here
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