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Unexpected Australia Contest!

Here's a promo that I'd been busy working on. In fact, last week had been a killer coz I had several promos to manage (Singapore Airshow, We Will Rock You, Mosaic Festival and this particular one)! The Unexpected Australia campaign started today with the first sponsored series and contest in SUT and their website - went online! The idea of having participants blog or do a video was my suggestion and to be honest, I'm not sure how the response will be like *cross fingers*. In most of our other contest,the mechanics is always a no-brainer with simple Q&A. Thought it would be interesting to do it differently.

Anyway, that's the reason why I'm promoting the contest in my blog! The prize is great. 3 winners and their partner get to travel to the state of their choice in Australia and another state that will be chosen by the Radio 91.3 Djs that will be travelling with them (it will be either Joe & Petrina or Rod & Andre). As you can see from the ad, the experiences that the winners will get to enjoy in Australia are out-of-the ordinary adventures..definitely something worth trying! To take part, just choose the adventure of your choice and write why you think u should win in your blog or you could create a video entry too. Register the url in the unexpectedaustralia website once you've done it! (but winners must be prepared to travel sometime btwn 21 March - 19 April). 7 entries will be shortlisted and 3 will be picked based on public vote. Voters get to win attractive prizes too! Actually, I'm the one sourcing for the prizes and one of the prize I'm getting is a MacBook Air! More info on the contest here

So consider taking part or help me spread the word!!!
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