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One of the questions I'm often asked is.." u plan to go back to work or are u gonna be a full time housewife/taitai?"

The original plan was to go back to work asap, after I'd given birth to Aidan. I'd left my job late last year during my 2nd trimester of pregnancy due to several reasons. Firstly, my nausea didn't stop after the 1st trimester which I thought it carried on towards the 2nd and it was draining me both physically and mentally. Secondly, due to my hormones going haywire as a result of the pregnancy, my body was breaking out into rashes which interestingly was only on my body itself..none on my face/hands and legs *thankfully*..It was making me crazy and depressed. Lastly, the job I had was a really demanding one and I was totally stressed out by it. So, I told my hubby that I really felt like quitting so that I could rest a little..He was okay with it..and so I did. I told everyone that my intention was to start working again, soon after my confinement was over..

Well, I'd to eat my words..It was impossible for me to go back to work that soon...especially after I'd spent the 1st 2 months with him. I really didn't expect my maternal feelings to be so overwhelming and I love every moment of the time spent with li' Aidan.

Do I want to work still? Actually, yes I do. I'm a real hyper person and being cooped up at home kinda makes me go crazy ..well, what keeps me busy now is Aidan. It's not that I don't enjoy being a SAHM..but there's this sense of restlessness in me.Hubby and I decided to give myself a '6 mth' deadline (technically,it's 4 months 'coz we decided on this when Aidam was 2 mths old). By the time Aidan is 6 months old, I'll make a decision whether I want to return to the workforce . Since I'm more inclined towards going back to work, the next 3 months with him will be really precious since I may not get to be home with him that often soon.

Who knows, with the economy so bad, I may end up not being able to find a job so....

Aidan's pimples are back again . Could be becuz the weather has been so hot lately..bleah..Well, Hazeline Snow to the rescue..hopefully it will work it's magic again!!

Snow on Aidan~~
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