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me being boliao again..

Okay..I'm bored. Had a nap in the afternoon which explains why I'm totally wide awake now. Was on a rather long break from work to settle some personal matters and also for the HK trip and will finally be back in the office on Monday! Anyway, since I had so much time on my hand, I did some surfing and decide to post some pics of our current Miss Singapore Universe, Shenise Wong who is currently in Vietnam taking part in the Miss Universe 08 pageant. As there is hardly any coverage in our local TV and most of print media seems to be focusing on that fish scale Merlion-inspired costume, I guess these pics would have to suffice :P

Yes, this outfit was a talking point amongst many since it was specially designed as Singapore's national costume. It still looks tacky to me..more apt in Disneyland as a costume for one of the mermaids. But I have to say Shenise is probably doing her utmost best to showcase it well. And it literally 'shines' on stage. Okay, let's just compare her outfit to some of the other reps.




I can't stop looking at Miss Indo's makes me feel..erm itchy.
I like Miss Vietnam's aoi dai..gorgeous colors and classy. Korea's samurai inspired costume is rather cool-looking!
Not surprisingly, Miss Vietnam's outfit made it as the top 10 best traditional costume..
You can view all 10 costumes here. The winner of this contest will be determined by online voting.
I was quite surprised that Miss Albania's outfit made it to the top 10 too.

I thought she looks like a female Dracula :P

I guess the judges liked how the cape incorporated the Albania national flag. And Miss Albania is a striking, nordic-looking statuesque blonde so she was able to carry off the look.
Maybe next year, we should just wrap our national flag around Miss Singapore..

Okay now, let me just show you some better pics of Shenise with some of the other contestants . She is looking quite pretty, especially in her swimsuit pic! And I gotta say that she's doing a good job there, getting some decent coverage by the press and positive reviews in the pageant forums.




I must say that Miss Japan & Miss Thailand are really booby man!

Here she is on stage for a fashion show showcasing the Vietnam Traditional Dress.

I like this pic of her in the aoi dai..Makes her look young and fresh.

Some pics by the media below

at some Ambassador's Gala Dinner

Interestingly, Ines Ligron (who is better known as the lady responsible for Japan's good showing at the international pageants in the recent years) had an entry about Shenise in her blog describing her as "a mix of cuteness elegance and sexiness".

Yeah I know. I'm so super boliao right?! I was probably some dirty old man in my previous incarnation. Guess you can tell that I really miss doing events like TNP New Face :p
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