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Here's Aidan clowning around when I was trying to take pics of him with Ally..
He's quite a joker at times! And so tough to keep up with 'coz he's just so hyper!
He can really be quite exasperating especially when he insist on having his way.
But most of the time, he's a pretty good boy :)
Told him that he's gonna be in an all-boys primary school and he seemed pretty happy.
"Because boys prefers dragonball and pokemon!"

♥ this li' bugger so much!
(aiyoh, he looks so serious in this pic)

Heh, the principal signed the acceptance letter on my birthday :)

Primary One next year *arghhh*!!!!
Yeah, the best is yet to be~

At the beginning of this year, I had my palms read for the fun of it. It was at a client's function where they had a palm reader providing free reading services to guests. Interestingly, the palm reader was pretty accurate when she informed me that certain events will take place in my life at the age of 38 (and she doesn't know my age). I was pretty sceptical then and when those events actually did occur, I was not 'prepared' for it.

I'm not telling people to believe in palm-readers..I did it because I had time to burn before the dinner started. But the year of 38 hadn't been kind to me and in a way, I'm glad that I've passed that age even though I'm OLDER! I have to admit, growing old is kinda scary. I know I don't look my age but truthfully, I do feel it. I'm so tired now..both physically and mentally.

On the night of my actual birthday, a group of siao chabors chose to spend that nite with me and I had a great time with them, chatting about inane stuff and driving the waiters at Graze crazy! Thanks u gals :) And not just those who was there that night..other pals who have been there for me (I'm sure u know who you are!). I really do appreciate it..

Well, am just wishing that my 39th year will be more peaceful one!

Here's some pics of the crazy nite!

My 'birthday cake'

Yeah, mega camwhores eh! The waiters were sure glad to see us leave :P
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