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December Child

Am now in my 33 week of that makes me about 8 months pregnant :)...It's usually pretty safe to give birth from 34 weeks onwards so I'm not so worried abt the pregnancy anymore. Gynae estimated the weight of the babe to be abt 1985g [first 4D no. generated by baby heheh] so he's pretty healthy for his 'age'. Most babies weight btwn 2.5-3.5kg when borne. According to gynae, I should be putting on abt at least 3-5 kg in the next 1.5 months or so (eeks!!!). Gynae said he would try to take a 3D pic of the babe in my next visit to him in 2 weeks time...YEAH!!

I really can't wait for this babe to be borne..The "new" EDD is on the 1st Jan 2003 (we always get a different EDD with every gynae visit). However, hubby's parents are asking us to have the baby in the year 2002 so that he won't need to wait an entire year for the school term to start (how practical!!). Thus, gynae has given me a list of dates (starting from 21-30 of Dec - excluding Sundays and X'mas) to choose from. Am actually hoping to have it earlier, like the 21st but in-laws are asking me to do so on the 26 Dec ...Haven't made up my mind yet though. Will decide later :)

Gal pal Boon Na has given birth to a little baby girl- Wan Ying on the 29 Oct. Wan Ying's dad , Jonathan was really happy with his new borne child and was grinning from ear-to-ear when we visited him at the hospital. It was really sweet to see him cradling and singing songs to the babe :). Even Boon Na was like giving him the "aiyoh, you are gonna spoil her - look". Jon has also created a website dedicated to his little princess..which reminds me..aarghh..Must remind hubby to buy the digicam/videocam FAST!!

Darn, my night has become day and my day, night!! Am sleeping and awakening at really odd hours ..bleah!

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