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Spidey in Singapore :D~

FRENCH professional climber Alain Robert will scale a building here on Saturday as part of The Straits Times' 163rd anniversary celebrations.
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This event is what I've been busy with for the past few weeks. It is part of the ST's 163rd anniversary event and it will be held this Saturday at a venue I can't disclose at the moment.

Last year we had JC Sum, the illusionist teleport himself from the ground to a building rooftop on the 50th storey at Raffles Place. We were actually joking before the event that if the act failed, we would have to make ourselves disappear too. Anyway, the event turned out to be a big success and we had the bosses patting our backs for a good job done. We had been cracking our darn skulls for the longest time to come up with an act that is 'on-par' with that of last year. Initially, we though that we'll do another magic act - like make a car disappear..afterall, our grand prize for the contest is a brand new Volkswagen Touran. But the idea was shot down (yah lah, it was a 'lazy' idea) so it was back to the drawing board. Finally, we decided on getting Alain Robert, aka the Human Spider to come to Singapore and climb a tall building and everyone thought that it would be an interesting feat that Singaporeans would probably like to see 'live' in action (FOC!).

If you google Alain Robert, you'll find lotsa newpaper articles about him being arrested for climbing a building illegally. He's scaled more than 80 skyscrapers including famous buildings like the Empire State Building & Petronas Tower. Actually, he'd attempted to climb the tower that he will be climbing in Singapore before. Unfortunately, when he was making his ascent, the head of security happened to be driving past and saw him in action and immediately ordered security to get him down! Thus, he was quite excited when we told him that we would like him to climb that very tower!

So, getting him to agree to come down was easy. Getting the necessary permits so that he could climb 'legally' was the tough part..Oh man, the numerous discussions with the police, lawyer, structural engineers, risk accessors, the building owners etc etc. and the heaps of paper work required for submission! But I kinda enjoyed it..! That's why I really like my job. Every event is different with its own set of challenges but I learnt a lot in the process. And it ain't a boring job either..having to be constantly on the move.

Oh well, the event is set for this Saturday and we have almost everything in place already! Am just crossing my fingers that it won't rain like it did on National Day! Am wondering still whether to bring Aidan to the event. Am afraid that after he sees 'spidey' in action, he may decide on climbing a building himself *awk*..Yeah, we better remember to tell the MC to inform the audience not to 'try this at home'. Anyway, the venue will be revealed on razor tv this friday so if you happen be around that location this Saturday, do come and have a look!

He's here in Singapore already and was at News Centre for an interview..

with Amanda from razortv and Alain, aka Human Spider!

He had so many interesting stories to tell us..
about his numerous climbs, his various encounter
with the police and lawyers..

Here's a video of him testing the safety harness at the location where he will be climbing this Saturday. On a scale of one to 10, with one being the easiest, he ranked this particular tower a 6 because of the relatively flat surface area of the building. Petronas Tower is a 2 and one of the toughest building he'd climbed was the Chicago Sears Tower (an 8) He usually climbs without any safety device but because this climb is legal and his & the public's safety was the main concern of the authorities, he had to wear the harness. It is not hard to guess the venue actually!

Here's a video of him scaling a185-metre skyscraper in Abu Dhabi

Hmm, so did anyone noticed that The Straits Times got a new look? Erm, be honest. What do you think of it?
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