Angelia (angeliatay) wrote,

fireworks fiesta day!

Decided to watch the fireworks festival 'comfortably' this year by booking a room at the Fullerton Hotel..The hotel had a fireworks fiesta hotel package and the rooms offered had an unobstructed view of the fireworks display! It was after I'd checked in that it dawned on me that Ritz Carlton could have been a better choice. Marina Square was the nearest mall to Fullerton and it was quite a distance away. The idea was to go swimming at the hotel pool but the crummy weather spoiled our plans. Furthermore, the depth of the pool was pretty daunting and I thought I better be safe than sorry (especially since I can't swim :P).

But no matter what, Aidan still enjoyed himself. The boy loves novelty so he found it all an adventure. He just couldn't get enough of the revolving door *arghh*. What he was most looking forward to was the arrival of Claudia, his li' friend from Hong Kong. He can still remember having a great time with her at Disneyland. claudiachengTracey was back in Singapore for a short holiday with the family and I suggested her coming over to view the fireworks display. I was also looking forward to seeing squarenailsPei Fen and her li' newborn, Kristy!

This was what the kids were doing when they were not chasing each other around the small hotel room..

us trying to act cute :P

A group pic of the mommies and kiddos..(so tough to get everyone into this pic i tell ya!)

And of course, each of us had a turn with li' baby Kristy, including Claudia!
She was sooooooooooooo kwai! Slept so soundly even with the kids making such a din!

The li' one opened her eyes for a short while when the fireworks came on..
and then promptly went back to zz after cute lah!!

okay, i didn't bring my tripod so my fireworks pics were quite crappy lah!
Here's a semi-decent one..

Tracey asked when I would be heading to Hong Kong again..Man, I'm so tempted to go there with Jean at the end of the year..At this age, Aidan would probably won't mind going back there again, especially back to Disneyland! And I do love the cold weather! Will think about it. Feel like going for a ski holiday on my own too..especially since it has been a while since I've last skied.
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