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the first time is always the hardest..

It is the school hols now for the boy..I didn't sign him up for any holiday camps because the programme is always the same year after year! Wasn't able to take leave so I asked the boy's daddy whether he could he do so and take the boy out. He suggested instead to have the boy stay over at his place for a few days. It would be the first time that Aidan would be staying with his dad since we went our separate ways. Told the boy about it and he was so thrilled. He immediately took out his mini-luggage from the store and started filling it up with his precious toys and books -all the stuff that he wanted to bring over to his daddy's place. I tell ya...I couldn't help it but my heart went *priak* when I saw how excited he was.

So the day came and Aidan left with his dad happily. It was a working day so they left while I was at work. When I came home that day, silence greeted me instead of my excitable boy, who would always wait for me to come home so that we can have dinner together. Most of you know what an active (and noisy) boy Aidan is and the house is always filled with his endless chatter and laughter. My helper Nenita was in her room folding clothes and she looked at me morosely when she saw me.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.
"I miss Aidan!" she wailed.
"'s not even a day yet!" I said.
"What if...what if he doesn't want to come back? What if he wants to stay with his daddy forever?" What if...?" she blubbered on.

Oh man..she was verbalising the very thought that went through my mind when the overnight stay was suggested. In the end (ironically), I had to comfort her reassuring her that the boy would definitely miss us and want to come back home, no matter how much fun he was having.

The night the boy came home..I could see that he'd enjoyed himself tremendously. He couldn't stop regaling us with tales of what he and his dad did together. They watched a movie, had dinners at his favourite restaurants, played Wii games, went swimming.... When I was tucking him into bed, I couldn't help myself so I asked him.

"So, do you want to go live with your daddy?"
The boy smiled sleepily at me and replied, "No, I want to live here."
"Because over here, got mommy."

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