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Saturday with the Babies..

It was a babies galore day again..! Our good pals with babies in tow came to our place to have a beef shabu-shabu/steamboat meal...

We thought that it would be good to eat at home instead of our usual practice of going to a restaurant for a meal, in view of the Sars outbreak. It then dawned on us that in the very near future, when we go to a restaurant, we would have to ask for 3 baby chairs and more importantly, we'd have to make sure that it's gonna be a baby friendly place and pretty noisy too,so that if all 3 babies cry at the same time, people won't look at us in that disgusting manner!

The food prepared by Bibi, Corrina and hubby..
[The other 2 daddies and me were tendin to the babies~]

This is cute li' Chloe..10 month old daughter of Corrina & Darren. Aidan is scared of her..coz Chloe has this really low voice and
whenever she barks at Aidan, he cowers in fear and starts crying .She doesn't look that threatening in this pic tho~

When Chloe meets Aidan~

We were all actually trying to watch the Man U vs Liverpool game but the babies weren't interested.
[woohoo~ Man U beat the pants off Liverpool man!]
Hmm..Aidan seems to be beoing baby Renee.

Hubby pointed out the first alphabet of each of our babies combined reads as order of birth somemore...
From left,Chloe (10mths old), Aidan (3 1/2 mths old), Renee ( 1 1/2 mths old)

Aidan keeping a distance from Chloe hehe~

The 2 daddies stunned as Man U scored yet another goal (they are anti-Man Uers!!)
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