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who's the parent?

I wasn't able to make it back for dinner two nights in a row. Had a friend's birthday celeb to attend on Monday and I was at Peter Cincotti's (he was soooo good!) concert today.When I came home, Nenita told me what Aidan said during dinner.

A : Where is Mommy? Why isn't she home for dinner AGAIN?
N : Mommy has to attend a concert. She will be home late!
A : How come Mommy never bring me? I don't care! She must have dinner with me tomorrow!
N : Okay, I tell your mommy when she comes home okay?
A : And if she doesn't come home for dinner tomorrow? You MUST scold her!

Alamak..this boy ah! So I went into the room to check if he was sleeping yet. He was dozing off but he immediately opened his eyes when he saw me and quickly sat up,placing both hands on his waist with a pout on his face. "Why so late?" he asked.."Tomorrow, you must bring me to eat Japanese food because you never eat dinner with me yesterday and today! I missed you!"

Oh man....and I did call home in the afternoon to tell him that I wouldn't be home early on both days. Next time, I probably have to start reporting to him my every movement. Since when did my boy became so demanding? :P


At least I had loads of fun (didn't made me feel any less guilty though :P) especially at mfluderEugene's party which in the words of the birthday boy, was lewd and loud, exactly what a party should be like. My tummy ached like crazy because I was laughing so hard at the jokes that were cracked. The company was fun, the wine was great and the food ain't bad either. I asked for rare steak and it did come out rare (most of the time, it turns out medium rare).

us trying to be sane and sober..

heh, that's more like it!

the eclipse pic :)

And Peter Cinotti was awesome. I was expecting to be bored and I was actually dozing off initially (coz i was really tired) but I soon perked up and started enjoying the music.

Here's my fave music of the night.
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