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Happy Birthday Aidan :)

Am now at Doha Airport awaiting for my transit flight to New York in about 2 hours time..Can't wait to officially start my 'holiday' although I understand that there's a heavy snow storm in NY and it's gonna be really chilly..brrrr! Gonna try to update this really fast since the free internet service only last 10 minutes..before it just auto shut-off without warning..

Thanks to those who came to Aidan's Ben 10 birthday party yesterday and for all your lovely birthday/xmas gifts and angpows. His official birthday is on the 23rd Dec and he will be turning 6! The boy enjoyed himself tremendously at his party having all his friends celebrate the day with him. He was beaming from ear to ear and it was really a joy seeing him so happy :) Happy Birthday li' one. Mommy ♥ you :)

Gonna leave off with the pics from the party...! And to everyone, wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed Year ahead!!

dressed in his fave ben10 tee :)

the gamemaster, Chris was dressed as Ben10 too :)

It was really great to see all those big smiles on the kiddo faces!

Magic show :)

His Ben10 Alien Force cake. It couldn't be a normal Ben10 cake and the cake shops didn't have the latest Alien Force visual so I had to take a pic of a poster of Alien Force and email it to them. I think this is one of the ugliest birthday cake Aidan has but what to do, he ♥ it *grin*

with fab galpals, Corrina, Lay Peng & Bibi :)

with mengchoo and cario

with the hiao and crazy ones (in a good way lah)
(alamak, too many lj nicks to type - akang datang)

that's Terence, my cousin and his gf (with Karen's daughter) next to me and Karen, another cousin on the far right
Sorry lah Pei Fen, must post this one coz both Kristy & Clare are looking at the cam. hehe

with Shaun, Roy & Faith~

and them with the li' one.

mega group pic..check out Erin trying to hold Aidan's hands hehe..

See ya all next year :)
Tags: aidan, birthday, family, friends
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