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Most of the P1 kids have already started school. But Aidan's first day of school will only be tomorrow. His school has moved to a new premise this year and the renovation for the school was only completed end last year. The students from P2 - 6 all started school last Friday.Only the P1s are starting later. I guess they are trying to get the older boys to be more familiar with the school first so that when the new batch of 'blur' students arrive, they can be of some help.

Orientation for parents will be tomorrow too so I'm on half day morning off. Feeling really excited that he's finally gonna be in Primary One. His long hair has been longer the cute Jap-looking boy anymore. There's this ah pek (the condo manager) who upon seeing his new hairstyle exclaimed "Aiyoh..why you cut your hair so short? No longer goodlooking anymore!" The boy was so affronted by his comment and insisted that he is still handsome!

still handsome lah right?
Aidan received tons of 'functional' presents on his birthday. He's got 3 Ben 10 school bags, several Ben 10 pencil boxes and Ben 10 stationery! I should go get a Ben 10 water-bottle to make it a happy family. I tell ya, I'm super duh man. I had no idea that I had to label his books and personal items including his school uniform and tee-shirt till I read about it in another mommy's blog. Realised I'd forgotten to buy him hankies too so he probably will end up using his sleeve to wipe his snot. And erm, I only found out today that P1 & P2 kids are allowed to bring snacks to school (to be taken after recess) and I don't have any decent looking lunch boxes around. And the boy only has one water bottle and I heard from other parents that it is one item we gotta stock up on because the kid will always end up losing it in school no matter how often u remind them not to lose it. Gah..! So unprepared lah!

Hope the boy will be able to adapt well to Primary School. Have been seeing the pictures of the kids of other parents on lj and facebook! Will definitely be bringing my cam to take loads of pics of the boy and the school :)

Some pics of the boy..I think he looks much more grown up with his short hairdo..


I had a great time shopping at Woodbury Common. Bought tons of nice clothes for Aidan and scored some great items for myself which I'm rather pleased with Here's some of them..

I look good in green apparently. alisonraeJean was then suggesting that I get a nice green bag so I thought why not. Was thinking that I could score one at Kate Spade but I then chanced upon this particular bag at Tod's. Have to admit, it was the sale price that attracted me. Originally priced at USD845, it was marked down to 450 and on that day, there was a further markdown of 70% on certain merchandise in the shop and this bag was one of them. I was like fwah, zhun bo?! Even the cashier had a shock when he tabulated the final figure.

Brought it to work and the gals oohed and ah-ed at it..especially when they found out how much I paid for it hehe..

This was from a sample sale at Prada..The SA said that there weren't many pieces from the coveted fairy line and this was the only piece left then. Originally priced at USD1200, it was going for only USD100. It was slightly big for me but I can probably wear it loose at the hips (trying to justify lah) and belt it up hehe..

Oooh..this is a really gorgeous piece. It's a chainlink belt with a black camelia from Chanel. Abit heavy though but it falls very nicely on waist and can be adjusted to lie on the hips. Will go well with my black pants or even that black jumpsuit I bought recently. Originally priced above USD1.7K, I got it for USD200. Looks quite taitai-ish and still pricey I admit but Chanel in Singapore hardly goes on sale and I really love it!

Okay..why do I need more sneakers. Well, one can never have enough shoes. Cute pair of shoes from Chanel lah! Got it at USD$110 (OP : USD450)

Erm..*coff* Yeah, another pair of shoes..this time from Gucci. Something more formal. Most of my shoes are from Gucci as the sizes are just right for my small feet. This one was priced at USD190...not bad considering how much it cost originally (over USD600).

I know we're supposed to be tightening our belts due to the recession but it was just so hard to resist. Also, I managed to 'save' quite a bit by staying over at moonberryIrene's I didn't need to pay for my accomodation in New York so the amt I'd spent on shopping was almost equivalent to what I could have ended up spending on hotel stays. I didn't buy just branded stuff loads of cheap tees and work clothes too :D But I'm really pleased with the buys :)

Erm, I guess I should resolve to spend less in the new year..Not gonna list down my other resolution publicly in case I fail to fulfil them...:P
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