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Yesterday over the phone, the boy was happily telling me that he had a great meal during recess time. I'd asked him what he'd eaten and he said he had a bowl of porridge, a plate of wanton mee and an ice-lemon tea. And he added that he still had 50cents to put into his piggybank. I swear my son thinks that the school canteen food is buffet style! The problem now is that he discovered that instead of ordering the biggest portion for his meal (which should be sufficient for him), he now orders the small portions but have 2 different meals instead.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the main point of my post. After our tele-conversation, I kept having this niggling feeling that something just wasn't right. So I did a mental calculation..

Aidan's Expenditure
1 x Wanton Mee = $1,00
1 x Porridge = $0.80
1 x Ice Lemon Tea = $1.00
Total : $2.80
Pocket Money : $2.80

Hmmmmm..where did the boy get the extra $0.50 to put into his piggybank? So back at home, I decided to interrogate him about it. Initially, he kept saying that the porridge cost him only $0.30 till I showed him the picture of the stall menu which I'd taken (see, my phototaking session in his school does come in useful). He then admitted that he had borrowed 50 cents from his classmate so that he wouldn't return home empty-handed!!! Aidan said that I seemed so pleased that he was able to 'save' money that he didn't want me to think that he'd spent all his pocket money *Sigh*. I'd queried who was the classmate he'd borrowed the money from. He was like.."Errr..the boy who is sitting in front of me to the right!" When asked for the boy's name, Aidan's face went blank. I'm like..wakaos!!! He actually borrowed money from someone whose name he doesn't even know!!!! *Arghhhh!!*

So this morning, I told him that he had to return 50 cents to his classmate and that this money would be taken from today's pocket money. Told him sternly that he had to learn to spend within his means and that the money wasn't for him to spurge but to spend on necessities. I did warn him that I would cut his pocket money if I feel that he's spending the money frivolously.

*Sigh* I know he hasn't exactly grasped the concept of money and it is largely my fault as I've not really taught him much about it. Actually, I've never been good with money myself and only started saving when I was in my early 30s! Man..I really hope there won't be a repeat of this incident again. Would be really open to suggestions from the other parents out there..

EDIT : My sis just told me over msn that when she was in Primary One, she stole 10 bucks from my dad to open a POSB account so that she wouldn't disappoint her teacher. WIN!!!! 10 bucks in the 70s is quite a lot of money leh! But she later confessed to dad when he discovered his money missing..She has conveniently forgotten what happened after that but knowing my dad, she probably got walloped big time...


According to the mommy of dear kristyseah who'd taken her cue from Metrodad, today is Official Delurking Day (actually, Metrodad said it was on a Monday but what the heck!). I've started this blog in Oct 2002..about 2 months before Aidan was due. I had just quit my job then and was waiting for the arrival of my baby and had nothing better to do so I started blogging. Through this blog, I got to know many other mommies and their kids (and Aidan then had many companions to play with) and also developed some great friendships along the way. Most of you had literally seen Aidan grow up and saw me through some good and bad times..I know there are some who just read and have never commented and it would be great if you could 'delurk' for a while and let me know what you like (and dislike too) about my blog :)
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