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One core reason why I was afraid of having kids before was that the child may turn out to be exactly like me! This was a real fear for me and if you know what kinda kid i was like before, you would better understand my phobia. My sister can testify to the fact that i was a real rascal who gave my parents tons of headache and heartache!

And Aidan came along as you all know.. (he wasn't planned for). Everyone said he looked more like his dad so I hoped too that his character would be more like the latter. But it seemed like he has inherited most of my personality & traits (well, according to those close to us anyway). Nenita is constantly amused at how similar we are in some ways..for example, the food items we like and dislike and his easy-going nature.

Anyway..back to the true point of my post. Yes, there's a story to this. Yesterday morning, we were having a hard time trying to get Aidan to go to school.

"I'm sick! I got fever!" he lamented, rather dramatically with his hand on his forehead. "Ah Ma said that if I got fever. I should not go to school!"

Apparently the day before when his ah ma was at my place and she thought that his forehead was slightly warm and told him that if he has a fever, he better not go school.

I was immediately skeptical after Aidan's declaration. Took his temperature - 36.8 degrees! No fever!

"Take the other ear!!" the boy insists. "I'm really,really sick! I don't feel good!"

The problem was..he really didn't looked/behaved unwell, I had to then threaten him that if he continued to resist going to school by pretending to be ill, I would have to withdraw his weekend priviledges (TV watching & playing his Xbox pro). That worked brilliantly!

At around 8.15am, I received a call from his teacher.

"Mrs Lee, Aidan is sick! He just vomited. Can you arrange for someone to pick him up from the sickbay"

I know this may sound like I'm such a bad mummy but my first reaction was that the boy must have forced the vomit out somehow. I don't know why I had so much distrust in him but I think it was mainly because this was something that I would probably do as a kid in his shoes (to prove a point :P)! At the sickbay, he was looking pitiful and frail that even the admin assistant commented that he was such a manja boy. But when he saw me, he immediately brightened up and became his usual chirpy active self, skipping merrily along the road on the way home. Hmmm.. I then called my dad-in-law and asked if he could help bring the boy to the doctor as I had to go to office. I left for office still convinced that the boy was faking it.

Dad called later to inform him that the boy vomited again on the way to the doctor and that he was diagnosed with stomach flu.

Man..I felt so guilty for not believing the boy! Should have realized that we are both different individuals and that I shouldn't be using myself as a reference point while raising Aidan up as this would be truly unfair to him.

Anyway, this morning..the boy woke up with a bright smile.

"I'm not sick anymore! I can go to school!" he declared. Hmm...
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