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An Aidan update~

The boy came up to me yesterday and said.. "Teacher said my hair is too long..must cut hair!"
Huh?!! Long meh?

Aiyoh..this vain mummy here was already thinking that his hair is too short. I guess it is probably the sideburns that the school has a problem with..maybe I'll just snip those away and see if we can get away with it for the time being. If his hair is cut any shorter, he's gonna look really tood man!

After I wrote about his night terrors, some have asked whether the stress from Primary School could be the cause of it. Well, he is still having those night terrors..they occur every night without fail. However, what I'd done (as recommended) was to disturb his sleep cycle and wake him up about an hour after he's fallen asleep. Even though that did not stopped the night terror from occurring, the episode itself does seemed shorter and he doesn't looked as disturbed & frightened and falls back to sleep much faster. Well, either that or I've gotten used to it. Have accepted the fact that this could become a regular occurrence and that we just have to deal with it. I want to thank those who had shared with me their own experience with night terrors. It did give me quite a bit of assurance.

Aidan does seemed to be enjoying school though. He has never resisted going to school in the morning and when queried, he'll say that he likes school. But then again, his favourite 'subjects' in school is Recess and PE so that's kinda telling too. I have been communicating with his form teacher and chinese teacher via email and both of them have told me the same thing..that Aidan tends to be rather unfocused in class with a pretty short attention span. This has always been his problem since young..which had been my concern for a while. Not sure what else I can do to improve that. But he doesn't have any problems learning his spelling and doing his homework - although it does take a while to get all of it done.

I'm not a mom who has extremely high expectations of my kid because I wasn't exactly a bright kid myself and I don't want to give him any undue pressure. I don't expect him to score top marks or be elected a monitor/prefect. Just as long as he's able to cope well in his school work and do okay, I'll be perfectly satisfied. I know such an attitude may not benefit him especially in such a rat race society like Singapore where students are more often than not judged by their grades. But it is because I know my kid well and I know giving him too much pressure wouldn't be of any good. I guess I just want him to be a happy boy who will grow up with fond memories of his childhood.

The boy has been missing his good buddy Gabriel ever since school started and have been bugging me to arrange a playdate. Gabe stayed overnight yesterday and the two had a whale of a time playing with each other..
Couldn't resist taking pics of the two of them together :)

The boy looks like he has put on some weight..
I think it is largely due to the 2 dishes he has been having every recess time :)
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