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Singapore Entertainment Awards...

Oops..realised I haven't been updating my blog for a while...! Well, guess now I kinda do have a reason to since I have taken tons of pictures recently! Am pretty impressed with my Lumix LX3..Was helping out at the Singapore Entertainment Awards last evening and I couldn't possibly bring my big ass DSLR cam! Most of the stage pictures were taken without flash and the pics came out really clear! My colleagues who were from the Chinese team had been so busy with the award show and had been working till the wee hours in the morning for the past few weeks. Am glad for them that the show was such a success. It was held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform and there was basically no wet weather plan. If it had rained during the show, it would have meant that the show would be cancelled. And you know how crazy the weather has been lately. In fact, it was still pouring cats and dogs with thunder and lightning at around 3pm that afternoon..thankfully, the rain stopped and the show could go on :)

That's us having some fun before the start of the show :)

Beware...I've got tons of pics from the Award Show with lotsa pics of the performers, both on stage and off! I was on duty but managed to sneak off several times to take pics of the performances :P
I ♥ my job :)

with my colleague Ching :)

That's Shan & Adeline...

The event site..all rained in!

That's Teo Ser Luck in blue, the GOH of the event. He was pretty sporting..waving his lightsticks about..

TVB actor Raymond Lam won the omy Hottest Web Celeb and Most Popular HK Actor awards.

Energy performing on stage..

Aska Yang - he almost didn't make it here due to lawsuit over his contract in Taiwan..

He won the Regional Newcomer of the Year and Most Popular Regional Newcomer Awards, which was voted by the public.

This aunty flew all the way from Taiwan just to see him perform..
Initially, I was kinda worried for her since she was at the moshpit area (which meant she had to stand the whole night) but they got a chair for her so that she could sit down when she's tired..

JJ Lin's turn to perform on male colleagues were oogling at his dancers *roll eyes*
He won Best Local Singer and KBox most popular Karoake Hits awards..

Sun Yan Tze who performed with local acapella group, Budak Pantai
She looked really gorgeous! She won for most popular female singer and most popular local singer.

Show Luo (aka Xiao Zhu) was a big winner that night..
Here's Teo Ser Luck presenting him with his 3rd award of the night..
He won the Most Popular Male Singer, Artiste of the Year and Most Stylish Hunk awards.

Group pics of all the performing artistes at the Post-Event Party..

With Aska Yang! He was super friendly!

JJ Lin ..he's got such fair skin and cute dimples *jealous*

Local filmmaker Royston Tan..he sang/rapped with Chou Pi Jiang!

Tommy Chen - He's one of Show Luo's dancers and if i'm mistaken, a dance choreographer too..
I have no idea why i'm doing that idiotic thumbs-up sign..!

Producer-arranger-music director Goh Kheng Long - super talented Singaporean who is known in the industry largely
for his talent at album production and music arrangement.
He won the Outstanding Achievement Award (Music).

Chew Sin Huey - she's really grown prettier but I'm not too sure about the blonde hair though...

Energy..these boys are really cute I must say..
Argh..thumbs-up again. I swear..they started it first so I had no choice but to follow~

Chou Pi Jiang - the local rap group! I like this pic..
we all look so cool :D~

All the pics taken with my lumix that night can be found here

Alamak..i was apparently not 'that discreet' with my photo-taking. My colleague alerted me of a pic found


Heh, I know this is unrelated to the topic of my post but since we are on the topic of celebrities, I just wanna post this pic since I know some of my gfs like to beo him :D...

Adeleauntyadele, valskaJoan and I at the Blogout! 2009 with Yongfook
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