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Aidan declared last Friday that it was Piggy, Nosehair and Mousey's birthday on Saturday and that Deeno's birthday was on Sunday.Deeno as most of you should know, is the latest addition to the animal harem.These animals/toys have been his bed companions ever since they joined the household. If you guys have followed my blog for a while, you'll know that Piggy is almost as 'old' as him and has been with him since he was a baby and the rest joined him later. And yes, he sleeps with them all the time!

After Aidan's night terrors episode ended, he still continued to wake up in the middle of the night..not in fear, but in a daze. Most of the time, he'll sleepwalk to the living room, do a U-turn and walk back to bed. At times, he'll wake up and end up peeing into the bins..either the one in the living room or my room (thankfully, Nenita had placed plastic bags in them). We'll only discover the deed the morning after. Made us worried for a while too especially for his safety. Interestingly enough, after he started bringing Deeno into bed with him, he finally stopped waking up in the middle of the night much to our relief.

Anyway, on Saturday morning, the boy woke me up by singing Happy Birthday at the top of his voice!! Darn..he remembered! He suggested having a celebration by getting a cake for them! But since we were attending burburElaine's birthday that evening, I told him that he'll get to eat a birthday cake that night and hope that it will satisfy his craving for a birthday celebration.But Sunday came and he woke me up again with another loud birthday song dedication..this time for Deeno! The boy kept asking us why we refused to celebrate their birthdays... And so *sigh*, I relented... mainly because I was actually craving for Awfully Chocolate's Banana Chocolate cake (it's Aidan's fave cake too). Aidan was ecstatic when he saw the cake with all the animals' names scribbled on it (the shop assistant at Awfully Chocolate couldn't stop giggling when I was collecting the cake). He happily lined his animals up next to the cake and asked me to take a pic of him with them before blowing out the candles on their behalf. So cute lah, this boy. He's really such a sweet boy and never fails to brighten up my day with his child-like ways and innocence.

Left : Baby Aidan with Piggy during their younger days.
Right : Aidan together with Piggy & Nosehair (right). If you are wondering how the latter got it's name..if you look closely at the pic, you'll see a black thread on the soft toy's snort. Aidan was so tickled by it and said it looked like nosehair and so the name stuck..(even though the thread has been unravelled already).

The cake was delish~~*slurp*

Uh-oh..he brought back his Chinese test results on Friday was just slightly above the passing grade

Aiyoh..look at those eyes..he was actually tearing up when I told him I was disappointed with his grades..

I can't blame the boy actually..My chinese is really quite atrocious. I haven't been speaking to him in Mandarin much at home mainly because I suck at it big time. He admits that he doesn't enjoy chinese class in school and I guess the reason is because he doesn't fare well in it. Actually, it is kinda embarrassing because I have been helping him with his chinese homework and I'm having problems with the hanyu pinyin section! In fact, he brought home his Chinese homework which i'd assisted him in and asked "Mommy, how come you teach me chinese also will get wrong! I told teacher you helped me!" Really paiseh man! I'm actually bringing his homework to the office so that my colleagues are able to assist me with it before helping him. In fact, when Aidan showed Nenita his test results, she actually gave Aidan a 'high5' and exclaimed "Wah u passed! U passed!" Alamak...Gah, I think I have to start bucking up on my chinese or else the boy will suffer more.

Thankfully, he's doing well in his Maths & English Spelling..and I have to thank Nenita, my helper for that as she grills him on his english spelling and makes him do maths problems in the afternoons after school. Maybe I should send Nenita for chinese lessons instead :P


As usual, I have more pics to post..some are from Irene's farewell dinner at my place and the rest from Elaine's '18 years-old' birthday celeb last Sat. Great pals, tons of food, lotsa laughter! Man..I've been indulging too much lately and have put on at least 2kg. Not healthy at all *bleah*. Time to start shaping up!
@moonberryIrene's farewell makan gathering at my place

Loads of food..

burburElaine turns 18 again birthday celebration

Forever 18~

Ze birthday girl making sure that the kids do not blow out the candles before her. "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!" she told them! (actually, the kids still managed to do so the first time round so we had to do the birthday song again)

Nic presenting Elaine with the sabo gift. Since she wanted a charm bracelet, we gave her one - Mariah Carey's Charm Bracelet CD!

The happy bday girl with her 'real' gift -

The gorgeous heart charm and the vinyl charm to go with her Thomas Sabo charm bracelet :)

Post-makan entertainment. I gotta get myself an iphone!

Girly group pic~

Elaine looking like a happy suckling pig on the table with the boysss~

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