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The AhBwee Family :D~

I have a couple friend who after having their kid, seems to stop calling each other by their actual names. They refer to each other as 'Mummy' and 'Daddy'..even when their baby's not with them. First time I realised it was when I was in their car and my galpal turned to her hubby who was driving and said "Daddy..don't drive so fast lah!". I was thinking to, Darren's name is now Daddy liao! And they aren't the only ones I believe. My bro-in-law and his wife does that too.

I dunno..I feel weird calling my hubby 'Daddy'. Feels kinda incestuous . But, of coz I do refer to him as Daddy when speaking to Aidan..Sometimes, we even talk abt ourselves in the third person when we are 'pissed' with each other and will speak through our baby..

Me : "Aidan..Daddy is supposed to look after you now but he's still fighting aliens on the computer. Can u ask Daddy to stop playing soon!"
Hubby (from the puter) : "Aidan, can u tell Mummy the game will be over in 5 mins time and after that, Daddy will sing '3 Blind Mice' to you!!"
Aidan : Googoo..Gaagaa!

Actually, we do call each other by another name..No, it's not honey or dear dear or sweetypie..and unfortunately, we both use the same nickname for each other. We call each other ahbwee, which to some, may be insulting but to us, it's really a term of endearment. I don't mind and he doesn't too and we've been calling each other that since our dating days (when we were really not bwee). When we do call each other by our names, it's when we're angry with each other, talking about something serious or when other people's around. Now, we've started calling Aidan 'little ahbwee!". Geesh..we are now the Ahbwee family!

My grouchy Ahbwee..arghh..his mood is really like the weather these days *bleah* Hmm..does he looks as if he's rapping here?!
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