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Congrats to y'all :)

Been attending quite a number of weddings lately..the most recent one was just yesterday, at hypodemicallyGermaine & James' big day at Sentosa Resort & Spa. One of the reasons why I don't mind attending weddings is that I can get to wear my pretty cocktail dresses, most of which I've only like worn once before. vain yah. But I also like to be part of a happy occasion lah. Here's my wish to the blissful couples - Hope you both grow old on one pillow! May you love and hold each other in the best & worst of times with trust, faith and belief!

This was my handsome date yesterday

@Germaine & James wedding at Sentosa & Resort Spa
The lovely couple..♥ Germaine's dress!

charpinkie hard at 'work' at the recept table...

Aidan was going around the ballroom looking for kids he could play with and he actually found someone..The boy Gabriel was sooooo similar to Aidan. They both were active and boisterous, love Ben 10/Transformersa nd even had the same 'gungfu' poses.. He turned out to be James' nephew! As a result, Aidan had a great time at the wedding!

Pei Fen with Kristy & her chewstick:)

All the lovey-dovey couples at my table~~

Heh..the typical LJ group pose..

and the 'normal' group pic..

Ching & hansel21Hansel's wedding at Hyatt Hotel..
Knew Hansel through LJ and turned out that his girlfriend was joining SPH and coincidentally, she was the 'then' new girl at the branding team. Small world yah :) Ching & Hans..erm, good luck to your 4 kiddos roadmap yah *grin* Jiayou!

Ching looked gorgeous that night. That woman hardly put on any makeup at work so it was the first time I'd seen her all made-up and dressed so beautifully. Hans, u are a lucky bloke :)

May & Patrick's Wedding at Marriot
Lotsa celebration at our deparment..May is another colleague of mine who got hitched recently and and her abang is actually our client/partner who we worked with regular for wine events.

with May & Patrick :)

Was helping out the reception table since half the guests were from SPH..
Glady's who sitting btwn moi and Adeline is the sis-in-law of the bride :)

Being receptionists didn't stop us from camwhoring...

Standard dept and table group pic :)
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