Angelia (angeliatay) wrote,

Happy Birthday July Babes :)

I was making a comment at dinner with the galpals that people seemed to be blogging less now that they've started twittering (I miss reading my friends' blog entries!!) and kena suan-ed coz I haven't exactly been updating my blog much either. Yeah, have been really tardy but I've said this before..I'm usually more inspired to blog when I have pictures to post! The last entry was about weddings and this time round, it is all about birthdays! Loads of July babies including moi! birthday's around the corner and to be honest,I'm truly not looking forward to it. Okay, please please please..when the day comes, don't tell me that 40s is the new 20s 'cause that's totally bullshit! I'm not depressed or melancholic lah..just feeling old heh. I can no longer tell people that I'm in my 30s soon *sob*. Yah, I know age isn't everything...and plus that I don't look like a 40 year old auntie so I should be thankful and happy. Nenita was telling Aidan that my birthday was around the corner and he asked me how old I was. "Guess!" I said. "ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD!!", he squealed. Kwa kwa....

Anyway, as I was saying...loads of birthdays in the month of July..Lemme try to name them all (those that I can remember lah)...triciaseowTricia, squarenailsPei Fen and her baby kristyseahKristy, am_klutzAndrea, vixette7Charlaine, & loads others who aren't on LJ like my younger bro Junior whose birthday is on the 21 July,old school pals, Audrey Lee & Anne Chia, Jonathan(Irene's SO), Alan, Martin etc..gah, way too many! Happy Birthday all of you younger folks (I'm still the oldest *sob*).

Enough with the birthday wishes & ranting hehe..Pics galore as usual. All taken during the weekend that passed! 3 birthdays celebration in total!

Kristy turns 1!Collapse )

Tricia Forever 21 BashCollapse )

Birthday girl Pei Fen..posing next to her beautiful cake..:)Collapse )
Tags: birthday
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