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my first cooking class :D

Attended a cooking class for the first time last Saturday..well, better late than never I guess heh. Some time back when I was look through some of Aidan's past revision exercise, I saw a chinese worksheet that had those fill-in-the-blanks questions and it went something like this : (i've translated it to English okay!)

_____ cooked dinner for me
_____ played football with me

(so cliché yah!)

Helping words were mummy, daddy and some other relations. Aidan was relating to me how he he had to tell his teacher that the worksheet wasn't 'right' coz his mummy doesn't cook dinner for him. "Mummy" he says, "buys me McDonalds!" *sigh* Mega paiseh siah! He probably couldn't remember those earlier years when I was without a helper. I was the one who made all his meals then! Grrrr!! Oh well, I've never been gifted in the culinary department anyway. Was thinking though that it should be fun to learn how to cook something new and maybe, I can start cooking for Aidan again :D

Decided to join one of the sessions at Cookyn with Meryn where we were taught how to make wagyu burgers with truffle fries and upside-down Banana tarte tartin . It was a pretty enjoyable session with free flow of wine..Would definitely recommend anyone who enjoys cooking to attend one of their classes. Am looking at signing up for one of their future classes on foie gras *slurp*

Breakfast was served to us..I made the mistake of having breakfast so after eating what Meryvn had made for us (I have no idea what this is called), I was pretty stuffed..

It tastes great..! I liked the one with potatoes!

Deb & Pei Fen who also attended the same class..
Not surprisingly, it was a pretty noisy class

Wei Chi who I'd asked to join me for the cooking session , starting on the potatoes..

Jo Ann dicing the onions.
I hate dicing onions..I always tear while doing it..

Check out how untidy our station was..this was while we were dicing the garlic & onions..

Compared to that of the other station..

Poor Amanda had to clear the mess..

and this earned us this rating (given by a member of the other team :P)

moi working on the fries...

Milkshake treat while waiting for our burgers..It's supposed to be 2 parts icecream, 1 part milk but mine was 4 parts icecream, 1 part milk hehe..

adding flavours to my beef patty :)


Dessert was the upside down banana tarte tartin..

okay..i know it doesn't look pretty...
But it taste really good!! Especially with vanilla icecream!!

Showing off my masterpiece :D

Taking a pic with the instructor, Meryvn


All pics can be found here
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