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Simply Friends :)

Jean, Joan & I were interviewed last September for a feature in the Feb's issue of Simply Her Magazine. We were 3 of 10 women which Justina spoke to for this feature which was on the different avenues through which women find/meet their friends and in our case, it was via blogging.

click on picture to read

First of all, I'm not 41 yet!! *weep*

Heh, when I read the article, I was like alamak, it sounded like the 3 of us have gone thru so much trials & tribulations together (like so cham like that). The opening paragraph says it all "They've seen other through weddings, pregnancy, miscarriages, marital problems & illness in the family, which is not the sort of friendship you expect from internet friends". But all of it is true lah! Well, the 3 of us were really candid during the interview probably coz we are so comfy around each other and and we shared very openly with Justina what our friendship and lives are like. Thanks Justina..for letting us be featured :)

Anyway u guys..you know I'm really glad to have pals like you..and not just the two of you only. There are a few more out there whom I've gotten to know through LJ and I'm really blessed to have your friendship too :)

Okay..if any of Jean's or my bosses happen to be reading this, no..Jean doesn't moonlight for me! I'd asked her for her help once or twice! Not all the time k!!! :P

Janice & Angela were also featured and you can read theirs at Janice's blog. I thought the part on the eggbeater was really hilarious!!


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Jan. 16th, 2010 01:12 am (UTC)
thanks! joan took the pic so gotta thank her for it. and yeah, cant believe that in a mere6+ years we have known each other, so much has happened in our lives..

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