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My attempt at Bento-Making!

Yeah cooking yah! Gotta admit, since the last few cooking classes I'd taken, I haven't exactly stepped into the kitchen to try out any of those dishes especially since Nenita does all the cooking at home. Nenita will be going back to Philippines for her holiday in March for 3 weeks and when she told Aidan about it, the boy had a worried look on his face. He asked my helper "Who is going to cook for me then??! Mommy??! You sure she knows how to cook?!" *Sigh* Yeah..I know I'll never be a Nigella (although I probably do eat as much as her :P).

I'm not gonna pretend that I'm gonna improve culinary wise but that didn't prevent me from attending yet another cooking class. Was invited to a Health Promotion Board Parenting Event (it was held this morning) where the focus was on healthy eating for children through a hands-on creative Bento-making session. Bento-making..hmmm, that shouldn't be tooooo hard right?! Hiaks..boy, was I wrong!

The class was led by a mommy blogger, Angie who is an avid bento maker. A teacher by profession, she has been making these creative lunch boxes for her family, friends & colleagues and posting her creation on her blog.

When it was time for us to start making the lunch boxes on our own after we were given a demo and shown several examples of bento boxes for reference, almost everyone seemed to know exactly what to do and went about hurriedly to get the necessary ingredients. I looked at bbhome June, who came with me for the workshop..and mouthed "HELP!!" Had totally no inspiration whatsoever. I think Angie probably saw the look of helplessness on my face and asked the class whether anyone needed assistance so I quickly raised my hands :P (truly fail lah). So thankfully, with her detailed demonstration and instructions, I somehow managed to complete the bento boxes within the 2 hours given to us. Honestly, cooking stresses me out! And I'm not even sure you can consider this a form of cooking since many of the items were already prepared for us. But, I did enjoy myself though (stressful fun lah :P) and it was pretty satisfying seeing the end result.

When the class was almost over, Nenita brought Aidan to the community club where the workshop was held (it was just 3 minutes walk from my place)..I proudly showed the boy my work of 'food art'. The li' bugger went "So cuteeeeee! ♥!" and promptly destroyed them by gobbling them up...>_<...Oh well, they were meant to be eaten anyway!!

So cute hor :) The 'bears' are actually ham sandwiches!

My creations :)

June's :)

With Angie, the instructor..who was super patient with me :P

With Suelyn Howe (from Edelman, who organised this event on behalf of HPB) and Leonny, another mommy blogger :)
Thanks for the invite Suelyn :)
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