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Ok..I admit. I'm a HK serial addict! I'm already dreading the time when Kindred Spirits will end in Dec as I've been following this soap for a while already. Actually, its great that Ch U is repeating it on the weekends coz I only started catching this show sometime mid of this year. I know many younger pple thinks this show is boring and is only for the 'aunties', but trust me, its really an addictive show with all the interesting characters and all that melodrama/twist & turn in just 1 or 2 hrs. The villians in the show are especially great (I can actually go on forever describing each character but it would mean this journal would never end hee).

Another reason why this show is an interesting watch is that you can catch all many of the top HK tv actors staring out in this series (Kindred Spirits aired from 1995-1999). I think it was the perfect platform for new actors from TVB, especially those selected from TVB's HK pageants. You can see Kenix Kwok (a contestant in Miss HK 1993)during her younger days, though she looked abt the same now(in fact, a little skinnier as seen in Legal Entanglement currently on Ch55). Other Beauty queen contestants are Cally Kwong who is now known more for her singing than acting (plus being the ex of Ray Liu), Florence Kwok (whom I think is one of the most under-rated actress on TVB - she has since stopped acting *sigh*), Winnie Yeung and Melissa Ng (she's 1st runner-up Ms Chinese International 1996 if I'm not mistaken) who plays the beautiful but aloof Shengxiao who is looking for a dark prince :).

I'm just wondering why HK is able to culivate from their beauty pageant pool , such a list of fine actresses and our local TV station has been unsuccessful in doing so...Many of this 'beauty queens' from HK were not very successful in the international pageants but they made it either on the big screen [eg. Maggie Cheung, Michelle Reis, Anita Yuen] or small screen [Kenix Kwok, Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee etc]. I believe none of the Miss Singapore contestants ever became a successful TV actress..surprisingly, models in Singapore tend to be luckier in that aspect..hmm, wonder why? heh!

Darn, I really miss working in the media/entertainment industry! But thinking about it, I actually watch less TV shows when I was working at MediaCorp and I guess now, I don't get bombarded by people on why Ch5 doesn't show West Wing at 10pm, why crap shows like The Bachelor gets that coveted primetime slot and when will we bring shows like Sex and the City, Will & Grace and Dawson's Creek into Singapore [THEY ARE BANNED BY SBA SO NO MATTER HOW U BEG, ITS NOT COMING TO SINGAPORE ..BAH!!]. I still can't believe that e_rambler had asked me why Chains of Love wasn't brought in..It's a CRAP me hee~

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