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My Drooling Baby (continued)

Aidan and the ladybug~
Tons of pics so if u don't have broadband....

My galpal,Corrina suggested that I try placing a wristband with a toy attached on Aidan's wrist so that he will suck on the toy instead of his hands. I decided to give it a try since I'd actually bought those 'wrist-toys' sometime back, thinking that they were cute and was sorta a baby fashion statement. Heh..good that they could have a functional purpose too!

At first he ignored the toy..

Carried on with his drooling ..See that patch of saliva on my bed!!

Finally noticed the ladybug and decided to launch his attack...

Munch Munch!

That li' munchkin was in such a cheery mood today..he was making cute li' faces at MIL and she was so happy playing with him. She had a bad day at work so she said Aidan cheered her up considerably.

Aidan making eyes at his grandma :D~

He then decided that his hands were more interesting (and tastier)..
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